How to Maintain Social Distancing in the Beauty Salon

The world is spending its second year living in a pandemic.  Although scientists are working on solutions that will allow us to live freely, solutions that will eliminate or reduce the virus, still until their finalization we need to follow certain rules set by scientists in order to protect ourselves from the virus.  So we need to wear a mask, wash or disinfect our palms more often than usual and maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters around us.  With these measures, we can minimally but symbolically protect ourselves from the virus when we are outdoors, in a supermarket, in a shopping center, in a restaurant, in a bakery, and even in hairdressing places or beauty salons.  The pandemic is ongoing, but normal life must continue, so the service industry continued to operate under certain protocols.

So the health authorities in the open decided to order the wearing of a protective mask in the open where there are more than 4 people, and especially in parks, playgrounds, or picnic areas where there are often a large number of families who enjoy their free time.  It is necessary to wear a mask, disinfect the hands, maintain a physical distance and restrict people in space and supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, clothing and footwear stores, shopping malls, etc.  Special work protocols have been developed for hair salons and beauty salons, you wonder what the goal is?

The purpose for which the protocols for the work of all types of beauty spots were developed is ladies.  Even in a pandemic, we need to take care of our beauty, and that is especially important for all ladies.  They want to spend their free time in some activities, and most often in beautification and visiting beauty salons in order to make treatments that will maintain their already existing beauty of the face and body.  To this end, the competent authorities for the control of the transmission of the virus, the ministries of health, and the organizations for health protection decided to take a big step forward and allow the work of these facilities and to make protocols that will be observed in order to protect the health of each lady who decides to visit a beauty spot.  Are you familiar with protocols but do not know how to apply them?  Wondering how to put one together for use with your beauty salon?  You do not know how to maintain social distance in this area?  Do not ask any more questions, because we researched and came up with the answers.  Today we will show you how to maintain social distance in beauty salons and beauty salons in order to be safe.  Are you ready?  Let’s get started.

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  1. Place patches 1.5 meters in front of the salon to mark a safe place to stand – if you want your clients to be safe while waiting their turn at the beauty salon, you need to provide a safe way to wait in line. Post stickers that mark the place where the lady can stand and wait her turn for the treatment she has scheduled.  In that way, the physical distance between the clients will be preserved.
  2. Set up a belt barrier to maintain and regulate the queue – the next thing you can apply as a great order to maintain order in your beauty salon is the belt barrier. It is a solution that offers proper distancing, limited space, and a safe way of waiting for the ladies who will visit your salon, say experts from CrowdControlCompany who have enough experience in regulating order and distance during this pandemic.  Look for this solution to solve the situation of waiting in line at a distance and facilitate the work of your beauty salon.
  3. Place the waiting chairs at an appropriate distance of at least 1.5 meters – so that the ladies who come to the beauty salon can wait in a comfortable way, try to provide a suitable waiting room. All you have to do is place the chairs at a suitable distance of at least 1.5 meters.  Set up a coffee table with hand sanitizer, gloves to wear as needed, and magazines with which the ladies can wait in line for their scheduled treatment in an interesting way.

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  4. Take care if there is a prompt distance, but if the distance is not enough then apply for additional protection with plexiglass screens – if it is a smaller space in which physical distance can not be sufficiently applied, apply a new element of protection. These are screens made of plastic.  place screens in any place where it is almost impossible to maintain a proper distance of at least 1.5 meters in order to protect the ladies who come to the salon, but also the employees who are at their workplace.
  5. Hire guards to keep order – another thing that can improve the distance in the beauty salon is the guards. These are people who need to be properly dressed and properly protected in order to be able to move around the entire salon and maintain order.  They need to check that the distance is properly respected, that the customers are properly separated while waiting their turn, and so on.  This way the beauty salon will take care of managing the distancing properly.
  6. Divide working hours into breaks and start making appointments – the last way you can control the distance is by making an appointment with each lady and taking an appropriate break between appointments. Through the terms, you will provide, first of all, an appointment for each lady, appropriate discretion regarding the treatment, but the most important thing is that you will provide adequate physical distance from other clients waiting in line and an appropriate break to disinfect the space and adjust for the next lady who has scheduled her appointment.

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Make sure each of the ladies feels safe, respected, and protected by you.  Ensure proper order and proper distance in the beauty salon and make sure of the satisfaction that exists among the clients, see how happy they are, and recommend you to everyone around because you care about the health of everyone.