Hello everyone! I am Cadence. I run and own the YouFro website. Having been through all the struggles and frustrations of having 4C textured hair (both treated and natural!), as well as taking care of the wild messy manes of my two very lively children, my vision is to share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the years. You’re not alone!

The times of irreparably damaging our gorgeous locs of hair as a result of trying to impress other people are over. While we all have a choice as to how we want to style our hair, it is time to start empowering people from our community to embrace beautiful black hair, not shy away from traditional and cultural styles – and be proud of it!

I know how it feels though – I’ve personally severely damaged my hair for around fifteen years, trying all kinds of stuff, just so that I can fit in. It took me a long time to start accepting my gorgeous kinky strands of natural hair. After succeeding to do that, I have decided to share what I learned with all of you. Through YouFro I want to help every black girl and woman (and man!) accept the beauty that they were born with.

In here you will learn all kinds of things that I wish I knew 20 years ago, tips on how to treat damaged hair, how to make homemade conditioners, what are the best oils for black hair, and much more!

I want to earn your trust by reviewing the best products I’ve used and advise you on how to deal with the everyday challenges that every woman of African-Caribbean descent faces with having black hair.

Let’s learn together how to embrace our God-given beauty!