Growing an Afro with Straight Hair? My How-To Guide to an Awesome ‘Fro

How to Grow an Afro from Straight Hair

Many of us work hard looking after our natural black hair, and keeping it as healthy as possible. For those that choose to go down the straight route, it takes effort for Afro American hair to look so sleek, shiny and gorgeous.

Changing your hairstyle takes a lot of thought, and going from long to short can be scary when there’s no going back. Deciding to go from curly afro to a straightened style can also feel daunting, even though many of us have chosen to do it, and it’s a style seen regularly in the media.

However, and this is the problem, it’s very hard to reverse and return to an awesome afro from your straightened locks.

Getting Your Afro On

Once you’ve decided to transition back from straight to curly, it can be a relief to escape that cycle of straightening and causing damage to nice, healthy roots every time it grows a little.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix, and it’s a case of being patient. Many people assume that having their straightened hair permed will reverse the process effectively. But as well as applying more chemicals on top of the straightening chemicals, the perm curls your hair into forced curls, and these are not going to be the same ‘shape’ as your natural curls. Your hair will suffer more damage as a result.

As your hair grows, rather than making a salon appointment for root straightening treatments, take a deep breath, and ask your hairdresser to trim the ends of your hair. Gradually your straightened hair will be trimmed off, and, although the transition period is frustrating and annoying, each inch of new growth is one step closer to getting your afro back.

There are a couple of hacks to make this transition period easier

  • Use oils, such as coconut and argan to encourage faster, healthier growth, by moisturizing your scalp and hair shafts.
  • A protein rich hair mask once or twice a week works wonders, especially if your hair feels weak and brittle.
  • Make up a deep conditioner and spend a little ‘you time’ whilst nourishing your hair.
  • Try wearing your hair up, so that the straightened parts of your hair are hidden, or if you want to hide the curly new growth, a gorgeous scarf, or stole, is bang on trend.

Whilst straightened hair can look glamorous and ultra chic, so too, can curls, lending texture, bounce and interest. Although it’s a difficult decision to return to the ‘fro, your hair, for one, will thank you.

If you’re needing a little inspiration, watch this vid:

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