Do the Twist – What You Need to Know to Create Beautiful Havana Twists

There are numerous protective styles that are ideal for our black hair – from cornrows to ‘locs, but, personally, I love twists. They’re so simple to do and since wearing them, my hair has improved in condition and grown in length. Havana twists are some of the best.

A favorite of Keyshia Cole, Solange, and Queen Bey herself, Havana twists are fat, lush and gorgeous. Similar to Marley twists, they’re created using a variety of turns and twists, they are deceptively simple and can be done with your own hair or extensions; however, they tend to be lighter than Marleys, due to fluffier hair and looser twisting.

So, let’s get started!

You’re going to need:

  • Wide toothed comb
  • Braiding spray
  • Scissors
  • A lighter
  • Marley braiding hair – if you suffer from an itchy scalp, wash the hair in apple cider vinegar, dry thoroughly whilst stretching before you use it. The cider vinegar removes the coating on the braids that can lead to a dry, itchy scalp

First, wash and condition your hair, using a rich, moisturizing conditioner

  1. Then stretch it out using your fingers and hairdryer on a low heat
  2. Section your hair with the comb and use braiding spray on each section, coating it thoroughly
  3. Fluff up the braiding hair and coat in braiding spray
  4. Take each section of your own hair and separate it into two
  5. Twist each section around the braiding hair, going in the same direction with both strands
  6. Follow down the length, twisting the hair in the same direction. These twists are meant to be loose, minimizing any stress on your natural hair
  7. Use the braiding spray as needed to keep the twist together and smooth
  8. Continue this all over your head
  9. Very carefully, swoosh the flame from the lighter over the last inch or two of the twists, carefully not to go too high and damage your own hair. This smooths it down and fixes the twist in place
  10.  Lightly trim the tips just to neaten up the finish
  11.  Style as you like – wear long and loose, pile them high, plait together in a ponytail, or decorate with metal bands and charms. The choice is yours.

For more idea on how to create Havana twists, here’s a great vid: