Discover The Must-Have Blow Dryer for 4C Hair

Best Blow Dryer for Black Hair

A hair dryer can be a girl’s best friend … or their worst enemy.

With the power to transform our locks to smooth-as-silk or a full bodied ‘fro, or send them spiralling into a brittle frizz, what makes a good hair dryer?


The more powerful the dryer, the quicker it dries hair, which, in turn, leads to less risk of damaging delicate black hair. Look for a dryer with a wattage in excess of 1500 to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Ceramic and tourmaline technology

Controlling and distributing the heat is the job of a dryer that includes ceramic technology,making this a great choice for fine, dry hair. Tourmaline, by releasing ions, combats frizzy hair , leaving it feeling beautifully moisturized.

Cool button

This little miracle allows a blast of cold hair to set your style in place. Ideal for ringlet spirals, or a smooth sheen of silken hair, press the button and the cold air hit will enable the hair shafts to hold that style.

Plenty of settings

With variable heat settings, it allows you to select the best one for your particular hair type. The higher settings are great for removing the majority of dampness, drying rapidly before any damage occurs. Then concentrate on styling with a gentle medium to low heat setting.

Dryer weight

Choose a hair dryer that is comfortable to hold and isn’t too heavy. If you have thick, black hair, you may be there for a while.


Your hair dryer should include a choice of attachments. At the very minimum, a directional nozzle to target particular areas, and a heat diffuser to spread out the air flow should be included in the carton.

My favorite hair dryer is the JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer:

JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer,DC Motor Negative Ionic Blow Dryer with 2 Speed 3 Heat Settings Cool Button,Concentrator...

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It has everything I want – plenty of power, tourmaline technology to cope with frizz, diffuser and nozzle attachments and it’s lightweight enough to pop in my bag for weekends away. Along with plenty of heat settings and a cold button, it’s everything I want in a dryer, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Is blow drying bad for black hair?

Excessive blow drying can be bad for black hair as it can dry out curls. Thirsty natural hair needs to be moisturized so slap on some leave-in conditioner or rich oil before you blow dry to protect your locs.

How do you straighten black hair with a blow dryer?

Wet hair is much more malleable than dry, so once you've moisturized your wet hair and finger combed it, as you blow dry, use a wide toothed combed to stretch it out. Once it's dry, apply a layer of oil to ensure it remains healthy.

What do you put on black hair before blow drying?

Black hair is notoriously thirsty, so always apply a thick layer of leave-in conditioner, curl moisturizer or protective oil before blow drying. This makes sure it retains any moisture, and stays as healthy as possible.