Blow Dryer with Comb For Black Hair – Discover Which One Blew Me Away

Most black women know: the wrong hair dryer can not only give you one bad hair day but can actually destroy the integrity of each individual strand of hair, damaging a whole afro beyond repair. That’s why we wanted to bring you one single review of the web’s top-rated and best blow dryer for natural black hair. And based on the results of our research, that standout is the Berta Professional Hair Dryer. Let’s discuss a few reasons why this promises to be the “it” dryer for 2024.

  1. With four attachments, including two concentrator nozzles, a finger diffuser, and a straightening comb, the Berta promises to answer any styling question you ask of it.
  2. It uses negative ion technology: Negative ions not only lock in moisture to each strand of hair, it also ensures that over prolonged use, you can actually expect your hair to get smoother and smoother over time, reduce frizz dramatically, and bring a gorgeous sheen to your hair regardless of how you plan to wear it.
  3. With an incredible 1875 watts of high-speed drying power, the Berta Pro offers completely uniform heat dispersion technology, bringing you from sopping wet to dry as a bone and totally styled within less than six minutes.

The Berta Professional Hair Dryer

This isn’t just any blow dryer with a comb for black hair…

It is THE blow dryer for black women that delivers consistently over and over again. One thing many black women online noticed is that The Berta is advertised with an AC setting. In case you’re not aware, this means it will last longer than just any ordinary dryer, and if you’re a black woman with a lot of hair, you’re going to need a dryer with an AC setting, as this will ensure you don’t wind up buying a new dryer just about every single time you need one.

As a tourmaline blow dryer, The Berta is incredibly quiet, and incredibly priced, too.  Not bad. Not bad at all for a styling tool that promises to keep up with the breakneck pace of a black woman’s hair!

Versatility. Consistency. Durability. It’s all about Berta, girl.

Because it is a professional dryer, Berta gives you salon-quality styling in minutes, and that means it’s not going to cost you a fortune on your electricity bill each month, either. What’s more, it’s crazy durable with an AC setting and attachments that will last and last, even if you’re using them on little girls whose hair can tend to be harder to deal with from time to time. Its ability to dry with lightning speed also makes it a plus for styling little girls’ hair, and you won’t have to deal with squealing, wiggling kiddos for longer than about three to five minutes—amazing!

3 heat and 2 speed settings plus a removal filter

If you were thinking the Berta attachments might not offer everything you want and need, consider that you can combine the tools to deliver more complex stylings. Change attachments and change dryer speeds to accomplish whole new looks every day while also caring for your hair by using a dryer that will never, ever fry it.

The Berta is Ionic, too

As you probably already know, ionic dryers make your hair shinier, smoother, and softer to the touch, and that’s exactly what The Berta brings you by drying each individual follicle from the inside out, making it more manageable and way, way easier to style. And, ionic dryers like The Berta also preserve the natural oils in the shaft of each hair, which will help to maintain the natural flexibility and overall strength of your entire head of hair.

Ready to set it and forget it? Shop for The Berta Professional Hair Dryer today!