Looking Hot in the Heat – How to Keep Natural Hair Straight in Humidity

Every year, show me a natural girl who doesn’t fear the summer frizz. All winter, we’re fine and in love with our glossy black locs, but the moment there’s a drop of humidity in the air and phwomp – that frizz appears!

Our hair consists of many strands of a protein called keratin, which are bundled lengthways. Under normal conditions, they lie smoothly and are held together by strong bands of disulfide, and weaker bands of hydrogen.

The hydrogen bands are affected by water, so they break open when we wash our hair, and reform as the hair dries. This is why, when wet, our hair is more malleable, and we can comb it out straight.

If there is a lot of water in the atmosphere, and the air is sticky and humid, this breaks the bands, causing the strands to become loose and, once dry, set in a frizzy pattern.

So, how can we keep our gorgeous natural hair straight when the humidity hits?

Over the years, I’ve picked up some hacks to keep my hair smooth and straight even if the air is damp and sticky which I’m going to share with my curlfriends.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Although this might sound counterproductive seeing as it’s moisture that causes the frizzing, trust me, it isn’t. Our curls are desperately thirsty, which is why they drink up every drop from the air, so if we make sure they are well hydrated, they won’t take as much water out of the air. Leave-in conditioners are an awesome way to lock in our hair’s natural moisture, by smoothing and coating the outer layer of the hair shaft.

Avoid Chemicals

My friends know that I try to avoid any harsh hair products, and I always recommend that you do the same. Chemicals, and especially alcohol, in hair products, can adversely affect the outer layer of the hair shaft, meaning that your hair will lose its moisture content quicker than normal.

Get Silky

Always make sure that whenever possible, and especially when you sleep, you wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. Silk prevents any tangles from forming, causing damage, and generally encouraging the frizz. Many of us also swear by a silk or satin pillowcase, and my mom won’t go to bed unless she has hers in place.

If you do develop The Frizz, just wrap your hair in the silk scarf, accessorize with beads and wait for the compliments!

Here’re some more awesome frizz bustin’ hacks: