Find Inspiration with these Cool, Chic Hairstyles for Natural Women

Black hair carries a weight of history and symbolism behind it, from the days of Joan Johnson, who developed products designed for our black hair, forward. She recognized the political power that our hair possessed and used it as a platform to champion African Americans, demonstrating that black people shouldn’t feel under pressure to fit in with their white contemporaries. For many years, black people had straightened their hair in order to conform, but gradually, as attitudes slowly changed, Afro Americans started to allow their hair to grow naturally.

Now, despite the somewhat worrying political situation here, Afro Americans are able to feel proud of who we are, to express both our individuality and, as a group, our diversity from the so-called normalized white society. For most of us today, if we want to straighten or relax our hair, grow an awesome ‘fro, have braids, wear it long or short, we don’t feel that pressure to ‘fit in’ anymore.

However, there’s no escaping the fact that black hair can be difficult to look after, and even if we go down the natural route, care can be time-consuming, so I’ll be the first to admit, it can be tempting to go short.


Short Black Hair

This look is super feminine and emphasizes our gorgeous bone structure. It’s also extremely easy to look after.


The Afro Hawk

This is a daring, edgy style, that takes little looking after and can be worn in a variety of ways. A narrower, or shorter, hawk, for example, with braids running up looks neat and presentable, but demonstrates a stylish individuality and a desire to be different.

Pixie Cut

These super cute styles require a level of straightening, but are really versatile and simple to achieve as part of your morning regimen. By cutting in layers, it can become more bob-like, while allowing a little curl back looks incredibly chic and contemporary.

Elegant Styles

These relaxed undercut bobbed afros are an unusual, but elegant look that suit many occasions.

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