How to Blend Natural Clip-Ins With Different Lengths of Your Natural Hair

Styling your hair is all about knowing what to add to it to enhance the natural look. You can waste so much money buying unnecessary products. Instead, you can get excellent hair with clip-ins.

For example, you learn more about how to blend short natural hair with clip-ins. These extensions are available to buy online.

And, even better, there are simple ways to fix your hair with these extensions.

Preparing for Natural Hair for Clip-Ins

Before you get clip-ins, you want to match them with your hair. Luckily, there are various hair extensions you can buy for your natural hair.

Before you go and purchase a set, improve your hair quality. Clip-ins work best when you have natural hair of decent quality. The hair extensions of higher quality consist of human hair.

To get the best look, you want your hair to match the quality of hair extension.

Thus, you can cut your hair and start grooming your natural weave. Once you cut the hair, use natural and organic products to improve the hair quality. Then, it is time to pick the clip-in hair extensions.

Picking the Clip-Ins

Now, there are few things you want to check when shopping for clip-in hair extensions. You want to check the material type, the type of hair extension and consider a hairstyle.

As for materials, there are natural and synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are for hair extensions of lower quality. They are prone to damage and require more care when styling your hair. Synthetic hair extensions are an excellent choice for women with less money to invest in their hair care.

Natural hair materials are actual human hair. Natural hair extensions undergo a conservation process so they can last longer. They are durable and mix well with your hair. You can style them with heat and hair products. If you want a beautiful hairstyle, invest money in natural hair extensions.

Finally, you want to consider the hairstyle you want. Once you know all of these things, go and purchase hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are excellent for beginners. They are practical and easy to use. And, even with experience, you can style your hair however you want.

Wash the Hair

Now, it is time to style your hair. Every time you want to style your hair, you have to wash it first.

If you have a hair routine, you may avoid it for this occasion. While you may have your hair routine or follow LCO or LOC methods, it may not work for hair extensions. The reason for this is the necessity of creams when you style natural hair.

Creams help you to get the hairstyle you want. Liquids such as shampoos and even oils disturb the effect of the cream.

The preparation for defining your hair should look like this. Wash the hair and prepare the cream. Use only natural hair products and creams for your hair type. Then prepare the clip-in hair extensions. Try any of the following methods to style your hair.

Considerations for Natural Clip-Ins

Now, while natural clip-ins look fabulous, you need to learn to blend them with your natural hair. While the use of clip-ins is simple, it takes skill to blend hair extensions with the hair.

For that, you need to wash the hair and sometimes even get multiple clip-in extensions. With that, you are ready to style your hair.

All you have to do is to blend the hair extension with your hair. And, it is going to look like it is all a part of your natural hair.

1. Use Multiple Sets of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions work well even with shorter hair. For shorter hair, you need a few clip-in hair extensions.

In that situation, start with washing your hair. Now, take the comb and pull the end of the hair down. Place the clip-in hair extensions a little above the end of the hair. The extra length gives you a fine shape and a bit of volume.

You can shape the hair and style it additionally. Of course, you can let it slide down, and you have an excellent hairdo.

2. Bobby Pin the Bottom Part

Another way to mix in clip-in hair extensions is with a bobby pin. That is a simple hack that may give you an entirely new look.

After you wash the hair, comb the hair in the shape you want. For the upper portion of hair, you may use the cream for additional styling. When you have the right shape, use a bobby pin to secure the hair at the ear’s length.

Add the clip-in hair extensions to add length and volume to your hairstyle. Depending on the quality of your hair extensions, you may style them even further.

3. Mix Lengths

Mix lengths are one of the easiest hacks that give you an entirely new look. All you need is two hair extensions of different lengths, and you are ready to go.

Out of all hacks, this works best for shorter hair. Take two hair extensions and attach them to the hair. Let them slide down your back. You may put the short hair extension first and complement it with the longer hair extension.

Now, you have more density and volume. In two simple steps, you got a natural, beautiful weave.

4. Tease Your Roots

Teasing your roots is necessary for women with curls and loose hair. Attaching the hair extensions may be problematic in that situation.

Instead of clipping in the hair extensions, comb your hair first. Comb it down the side to create that frizzy effect. Once the hair becomes frizzy, you can easily attach the hair extensions.

Blend in Clip-Ins

Blending in clip-in hair extensions is a matter of practice. It is essential for women with shorter hair when they want to enhance their looks.

Use these methods when you want to improve your hairstyle. Experiment and enjoy the process.