5 Amazing Benefits of Using Face Serum

Gone are the days when there was a need to visit a beauty salon now and then to get facial treatments. Today, skincare routines, from facials to waxing, can be easily done in the comfort of your home. There are no more worries about spending too much on salon facials because skincare brands are making it simpler to follow up these routines at home anytime.

Scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing are part of every person’s daily routine. But many are still unaware of skincare products that can not only rejuvenate the skin and bring out that natural glow but also enhance the texture and fight multiple signs of aging, including dark circles and wrinkles. This wonder product is none other than a face serum. There is a lot that facial serums can do to your face, help it heal, repair, and rejuvenate, which is why it is a must to include them in your daily skincare routine.

What Are Face Serums?

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Face serums are particular types of skincare products that contain highly-concentrated ingredients. They are much like liquid and gel-based solutions with a consistency thicker than regular creams and moisturizers but are quickly absorbed in the skin and leave behind glowy, soft skin.

Generally, a face serum is applied after cleansing the face with a mild face wash; they can be included in both night care and daycare  routines. The best part about a face serum is its magic ingredients; every ingredient used is scientifically tested and has proven results to repair damage.

There are many more things that a facial serum can benefit your skin with which a face wash, a scrub, or a moisturizer cannot. Usually, you find face serums with magic ingredients like Vitamin C, A, and E, green tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, ferulic acid, and many other essential oils and natural extracts. All these ingredients have been proven to enhance the skin’s clarity, retain the lost glow, minimize pores, and fight the signs of aging, including wrinkles and dark spots.

When you are in  late twenties and early thirties, it is the time when you are the most active in your life. Regular sun exposure, failing to cope-up with a proper skincare routine, a lot happens during these years, and the worst part is, the skin begins to get damaged because of sun exposure and stress. During these times, a face serum does the magic and helps your skin heal and rejuvenate. Serums are made for all skin types to help you take that special care it requires to stay healthy. Also, almost all skincare brands take special care of the ingredients that people may be sensitive to.

5 Benefits You Get From Face Serums

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Introducing a face serum can bring the most positive change in anyone’s life. Although not many people realize the importance of including a face serum in the daily skincare routine until it’s late, no matter at what stage or age, they show positive results right when you begin to apply them. Here are the top 10 benefits one can get from a facial serum:

1. Nourishment

A face serum’s most significant quality is providing all the nourishment the skin needs. With regular cleansing of the face, it might gradually lose its nourishment, which ultimately results in dull skin and a poor texture. A serum does the best job of providing this lacking nourishment.

2. Hydration

Caught up between busy schedules, keeping the body hydrated becomes the most challenging thing. As the body is dehydrated, the skin begins to dehydrate too. Sometimes, even after consuming 8 glasses of water daily, the facial skin lacks hydration, which signifies that it needs something more. A serum fulfills that place and hydrates the skin, making it look fresh and plump.

3. Protection

The unique ingredients used in facial serums have proven to protect skin from further damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

4. Rejuvenation

By repairing the damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, serums help the skin get rid of blemishes and get a texture that one can feel proud of. Many people have asserted that after using facial serums, they could step out of their houses without makeup and flaunt their flawless skin.

5. Soothe

Serums help in soothing skin and help it heal. The anti-inflammatory ingredients used in a facial serum help eliminate redness and itchiness and make it look fresh.

What Do Dermatologists Say?

According to Dermatologists, face serums are those tested skincare products that can deeply nourish and repair the skin. The skin on the face is comparatively thinner than any other body part, which is why it is most prone to damage. Dermatologists say that skin shows premature signs of aging because of the rising pollution and rapid exposure to harmful UV rays. And that is why the face needs extra care, which can be given through serums.

Dermatologists recommend face serums with Vitamin C and E for all skin types and those with Hyaluronic acid for people with oily or combination.

Is It Safe?

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The most common question that arises in mind before purchasing a new skincare product is concerned with its safety. Since serums contain concentrated ingredients, many people are concerned about their safety. However, face serums are clinically tested, and as every skin type is different, the ingredients of these products are chosen with care to suit every type. Luckily, serums are available for different skin types, and they are also classified as per their purpose.

When you search for all the options available, you will come across the following:

  • Anti-aging serum.
  • Serums for fighting Acne.
  • Skin-brightening Serums.
  • Hydrating and Exfoliating Serums.

It becomes easier to choose among many options if you know the purpose of your search for a serum.

Final Words

Taking care of your face is as important as exercising to keep your body healthy and fit. Out of all the parts in your body, your face has to go through a lot every time you step out. Whether you are cautious about applying sunscreens before stepping outdoors, it is never enough to protect your skin from damage and all the signs of aging. No moisturizers or creams can guarantee to repair your skin from damage. And this is the most significant reason why no skin care product can replace a facial serum. They are clinically tested, approved by dermatologists, and have proven results.