5 Innovative Ideas In Sustainable Beauty Packaging

We all know that the beauty industry is a huge one and that it is constantly expanding. Almost every woman on the planet loves to try new makeup and other beauty products and enjoys what they provide to them. However, the problem that has arisen due to the expansion of this industry is the increase in the use of plastic, which is the most common type of packaging material for such products.

And as we know, plastic is not eco-friendly and therefore is a huge problem for our planet. That is why today the focus has been moved to some new, innovative ideas for sustainable beauty packaging that represent a much better choice for nature and mother earth. Although it is not easy to make this transition, it is necessary, because otherwise, it can have serious consequences for our living environment.

What is sustainable beauty packaging?

The goal of sustainable beauty packaging is to ensure the reuse of packaging over and over again, in order to protect nature and prevent the use and disposal of plastics that are not biodegradable and pose a serious problem for the planet. The reason why a large number of beauty companies still use this material for packaging their products is primarily the price (plastic is far cheaper than other materials), and it is also lighter, more practical, and more resistant, which allows easier transport and handling of plastic-packed products.

Sustainable packaging means that it is not thrown away after use, but is renewed and used in some other form, which reduces the amount of garbage and represents an eco-friendly solution to problems caused by the use of plastic in the beauty industry.

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Innovative ideas in sustainable beauty packaging

  1. Using cork and other biodegradable materials for product packaging

Yes, you read that right. A new idea for product packaging is to use cork instead of plastic. This material has far better properties and is an eco-friendly option. In addition to being biodegradable, bark, which is exploited every ten years, is used to obtain this material. If you think about it, ten years is a long time interval that eventually protects trees in a significant way.

Besides, the use of cork packaging requires the planting of a large number of trees in order to provide enough bark for the required amount of cork, which in the long run significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide present in the air. You will agree that this is a very interesting idea that significantly contributes to the sustainable packaging of beauty products and reduces the harmful effects on the environment. In addition to cork, other eco-friendly materials are also used for this purpose, such as glass, silicone, paper, bamboo, and others.

  1. Using eco-friendly stickers

Each beauty package contains a sticker that tells you which product is in question, contains the company logo, a list of ingredients, and all other important information. On second thought, stickers made from non-biodegradable materials pose a significant threat to the planet, given the number of beauty products on the market. That is why some companies came up with the idea of ​​using eco-friendly stickers that are sustainable and love nature.

The best part is that these labels can be customized and match the shape and type of product. For example, if you are a shampoo manufacturer you can design a fully personalized shampoo sticker that will go perfectly with your brand and attract customers. For example, at customsticker.com you can find cheap custom labels (no minimum order!) that fit with every product and do not pose an environmental problem. Win-win!

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  1. No secondary packaging

Although many companies are trying to make eco-friendly packaging in which the product itself is placed, we should not neglect the secondary packaging in which the basic packaging is placed. For example, you have probably bought a product many times that was in a bubble wrap or a cellophane box.

These are also parts of the product that are not sustainable, so it is necessary to pay special attention to that, too. Nowadays, we have many companies that have come to some amazing sustainable ideas. For example, some of them place papers with vegetable seeds around their products, so they can be planted after the use of the product, which is an amazing idea.

  1. Products without packaging

If you thought this was not possible, you were wrong. One of the latest innovative ideas for sustainable beauty packaging is products without packaging! Some of the companies in the world of beauty have set themselves the difficult task of designing products that will not require packaging at all, and they have succeeded. That is why, nowadays, you can find on the market various soaps, shampoos, gels, and shower oils that are completely naked, ie. packaging-free. Sounds crazy, but it’s possible!

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  1. Refill stations

Another very interesting idea when it comes to sustainable beauty packaging is the formation of refill stations. These places allow users to bring once purchased packaging and fill it with the same product. This prevents you from constantly buying the same product, but each time in a different packaging, which, you will agree, is not at all eco-friendly.

In this way, companies show that the quality of the products they offer and the protection of the environment are more important to them than the profits they make by selling packaging that harms our planet. Many companies in the beauty industry have set up refill stations, so we suggest you check if there is one in your city that you can take advantage of and give your contribution to this whole movement.


The beauty industry has expanded significantly since the twentieth century and new products appear on the market every day that entice customers to try them. However, along with the development of this industry, the consumption of plastic that is not a biodegradable material and greatly harms nature has also increased.

That is why today there are more and more innovative ideas for sustainable beauty packaging that ensures the enjoyment of favorite products without harming our planet and doing the best for the world in which we live.