5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Beauty Blog

Blogging was among the most popular and widely spread internet related hobbies for years. Since the wider adoption of the internet and modern technologies at the turn of the millennium, blogs about most topics started popping out and soon everyone had a favorite. Years passed and after a decade or so things slowed down because people were willing to read less and less. To make matters worse, the written word on the web was suddenly replaced by video content that the fans enjoyed much more since they needed to spend less time on it while being more entertained.

Be that as it may, one form of blogging still persists to this day and it is more than popular and beloved all over the world. Beauty blogs, also known as makeup or cosmetics blogs depending on the more narrow focus of the author, still enjoy a lot of attention and enthusiasm among the readers. They have managed to survive the giant shift to more visual and modern materials and despite many of them not being around anymore, new ones sprout out of nowhere and gain traction all the time. There are enough women (and men) out there who care about themselves to read about beauty products, techniques, and trends.

If you have had the idea of starting your own beauty blog but feel like you need some help along the way, we have you covered. In this article you will learn all the crucial things you have to keep in mind when starting your brand new beauty blog. Mind that the road ahead will be difficult and you will have to work hard, but with proper advice on your side and some adjustments straight out of the gate, you will start things off much better and have a clear advantage over the competition. Also, keep in mind that reviews are so important, for more information you can visit PissedConsumer.com.

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  1. Have a Unique and Peculiar Name

The basics of writing beauty blogs are the things that will make you unique. And what better way to be unique in the saturated and widely famous market like the beauty industry than a witty, clever, and funny name for your blog? There is so much you can do and you should definitely not rush it and regret it later. Making a brand and getting it off the ground is never easy but once you feel like you have the right name there will be no looking back. Make sure to use some of the most popular and crucial keywords in this industry like beauty, makeup, skin, glam, chic, elegance, face, blush, look, glamour, or charm and give it a twist. Use your nickname or the moniker people know you by already.

  1. Choose the Right Platform

In the modern online world, it is all about the right platform where you will write your posts. Lucky for you, there are many quality blog websites that offer free access to your own domains. WordPress blog would be the ideal solution since it has all the right tools, features, themes, and widgets to help you make a visually appealing page. It also has ad space once you become more serious and develop sponsorships and deals. Something like this is always better than a fully free version since those have limited potential and offer much less. Blogger is a nice way to start but it will never look or feel as good as something you will pay for. In any case, the amount you pay is usually fair and barely noticeable in the long run.

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  1. Choose the Theme, Colors, and Fonts

The beauty industry is more and more connected and inspired by art which is evident by the beautiful, intricate, and detailed packaging of the products. The names of the shades and products, the marketing campaigns of the brands and their new selections, and the fonts and styles they use are all full of artistically and aesthetically pleasing elements and features. You should definitely follow this important trend and choose the right color scheme, the right theme, and an interesting font for your home page. Think nude and pastel shades mixed with gold, rose gold, or silver lettering, and you will have a true modern beauty blog that your readers will love to come back to and explore for new posts. Make sure never to use too many different colors and elements that obviously pop out and draw too much attention. If you need help, try browsing other popular blogs and think about how you can flip and appropriate their formula.

  1. Crucial Pages and Sections

The most important part of every blog, other than the new content you post in the form of text and the accompanying images, is the comment section. The comment section will be the place where you interact with the readers, answer their questions, and help them with their needs. Reviews, complaints, and ratings are all crucial to the success of your blog because the readers should have some sort of way to tell you what they like or dislike or give you their honest opinions. Some of the other important pages should include the basics like the “About Me” or a “Shop” page where you can have links to the things you review, buy, or recommend. A contact page and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page are neat to include too and will definitely be appreciated by the fans.

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  1. Right Type of Posts

The trends in the beauty community, both the video content and the blog writing part, dictate that you should open up about certain things and talk about what the audience is most interested in. For example, some of the most successful posts are about the author’s makeup collection, daily or morning routine, brushes you need, essential products, favorite brands, worst products you tried, best of, top 10, guides, giveaways, what’s in your makeup bag, and so on. Talking about specific brands, news in the industry, and the top celebrities to follow in terms of makeup routines and product support are also favorite. A lot of the readers enjoy learning about what the authors buy and use so go ahead and include a topic or two of this sort as well. Basically anything that will allow you to be more personal with the readers and let them into your beauty world will be a guaranteed hit.