5 Reasons Why Gel is Better than Regular Nail Polish

Having neat, beautiful nails is a must have for every woman. It seems that in the twenty-first century there is no tolerance for messy nails and that the standards in this area have risen significantly, which is one of the best things that the modern age has brought. Everyone can afford good-looking nails, one way or another.

Nowadays, there are dozens of different options to choose from to get beautiful nails that will last. Regular nail polish is always a good choice, but there are also some newer techniques and tools that can provide even better results. One of the eternal questions is whether gel polish is a better option than regular nail polish. Both have their advantages, but time has shown that gel polish can be a particularly good choice. Here’s why:

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  1. It doesn’t damage so easily

We have all at least once gone through the situation of touching something with our nail while applying regular nail polish and ruining all the effort due to one moment of not paying attention. And sometimes we just don’t have the time (or nerves) to fix the situation, so we decide to remove the nail polish from all the nails or we have to go in public with messy nails. You will agree that neither is a very desirable option. Besides, regular nail polish can be very easily chipped in contact with some rough surfaces or when we scratch something with our nails. Either way, the result is always the same and leads to stress and going through the whole process again.

Gel polish eliminates these problems because, once applied, it stays exactly the same until you remove it. If the gel is of good quality, nothing you do will damage it. This is why this material is a much better option, because you can be sure that all the color will stay in place until you decide differently.

  1. It is much longer lasting

One of the biggest advantages of gel polish is that it can last much longer. You know how sometimes it is so difficult to maintain a regular nail polish, because it usually chips after a few days and because of that the nails can look very messy. And that can be very frustrating because sometimes you just don’t have enough time to deal with that. The gel ensures that your nails are in perfect condition for much longer and you don’t have to think about renewing your nail polish for at least a few weeks.

Note: If you choose a quality gel polish, like the ones you can find on jananailsireland.com, you will not have a problem with chipping the polish and your nails will look the same as when you just did the manicure, and it will look like that for a few weeks, which is a mitigating circumstance. After your nails grow out to a certain extent, it’s time for a new gel polish, but until then you can enjoy tidy nails for a much longer period of time compared to regular nail polish.

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  1. They look both natural and neat

You may have heard that people are against gel nail polish because it doesn’t look natural. This cannot be further from the truth, especially when the process is carried out by a professional who uses adequate material. Keep in mind that this type of material is often mixed with acrylic one. Acrylic nails are applied to your natural nails and can add length and thickness. This is not the case with the gel because it is just another layer on the natural length of your nail. This is one of the most natural and beautiful options, because it makes your nails look much better in the most natural way possible.

  1. It dries much faster

You have probably heard the saying that a woman is powerless only until her nail polish dries. And we all know how long that can last. Regular nail polish dries naturally, which requires time and patience. The worst thing about this is that, even when it dries, it is not 100%, but it is still susceptible to smearing, which often happens if you do not pay enough attention.

Gel polish is not dried naturally, but with UV lamps. It dries layer by layer, which ensures complete drying of the gel, which is completely hardened at the end of the application process, and you cannot damage it during regular activities, even if you’re performing them immediately after the manicure.

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  1. It does not require too much of your time and effort

And lastly, the absolute best thing about gel nail polish is that it just doesn’t require too much of your time and effort, especially if it’s being taken care of by a professional. All you need to do is to schedule an appointment and sit for an hour, while enjoying the whole process of your nails becoming prettier.

It’s not like with regular nail polish, where you need to think about your nails all the time and spend an hour or two every couple of days removing the old nail polish and applying a new one. It is something that can be pretty burdensome and gel nail polish can eliminate all of these problems.

Note: Using gel polish as an option is probably the most painless way to get the nails you’ve always wanted. They will always look nice and tidy, and that will only take an hour every few weeks. Could it be better?


Neat nails are very important in this modern era because they reflect that a person takes care of themselves, and they are also a very nice detail in your overall styling. There are many ways you can get beautiful nails, but using gel nail polish has proven to be one of the best, for many different reasons. It is very long-lasting, does not damage easily, looks natural, dries quickly and does not require much of your time and effort. Using this type of material will ensure that your nails always look their best, with minimal investment from your side.