4 Things You Need to Know About CBD Oil Bioavailability

Surely, pretty much all the people out there have heard about CBD. Still, we are not certain that a vast majority of them know what this means. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is the second-largest chemical compound we can find inside the cannabis plant. However, it has some unique specifics.

Those who do not have a complete idea about this concept usually make a mistake when distinguishing it from some others. For instance, CBD doesn’t have a high effect, which is associated with THC. Therefore, those who consume it shouldn’t fear they will experience this effect.

However, you need to be careful about how much of it you will consume. To be precise, always be prepared to read more about it. Today, we would like to discuss the concept of bioavailability when it comes to CBD oil. Plus, we will provide a couple of extra things to take into consideration.

What is Bioavailability Exactly?

Before we’re ready to address the most significant things, we want to disclose what bioavailability is. The best way to describe it would be that this is a percentage of a certain substance that will reach the body’s circulation system. In most cases, it addresses vitamins, supplements, and medications.

Therefore, the same idea can apply to CBD, and it shows what’s the exact percentage of CBD that will be absorbed in the circulation system. Naturally, this percentage differs from product to product. Not only that, choosing which one of these you will choose depends on your needs and preferences.

The most significant thing to address is that the human body is mostly made of water. So, whatever we consume will be absorbed to a certain percentage. In case the fluid is not dissolved in water properly, then you cannot expect that this percentage will be high.

Now, let’s address a couple of things you need to know about CBD oil bioavailability.

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1. Vaporization

If you are looking for the fastest way to absorb CBD oil, then we would say that vaping is the way to go. We can draw a parallel between this one and cigarettes. The reason why it is a fast one is that the chemicals are entering the lungs directly.

When you take a look at some of the studies on this topic, you will see that consuming CBD through vapes has a bioavailability between 10% and 60%. When you compare it to some other methods, you will see that this one is exceptionally high.

Still, we need to stress out that it is significant to know at what temperature this process proves to be the most effective. In case the temperature is too high, then it is simply not reasonable to expect the best possible results. To be precise, overheating can influence the production of some illicit chemicals.

2. Medical Condition

It needs to be said that the medical condition of the consumer can influence absorption quite a bit. So, you will not only need to pay attention to the product you will use, but also it is significant to pay attention to the doses of CBD oil you will use.

A medical condition that requires the most attention is the impaired function of the liver. Since this is an organ that has the task of filtering the illicit chemicals, and in some way, performing the cleansing of the organism when needed, it is clear that it not being at the highest possible performance is a bad sign.

Not only that the absorption cannot be fulfilled properly, but it can also happen that removing it from the system after consumption will be much more durable. Believe us, this is not a pleasant thing to experience. Meaning, the effects of CBD can become much stronger than those with a healthy liver.

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3. Oral Consumption

If you take a look at certain surveys, oral consumption is among the most popular method of consumption. Many think that the main reason is its discretion and convenient approach. Thankfully, there are a plethora of products of this sort to take a look at.

We’re talking about CBD gummies, beverages, and brownies. Even though many people are not certain about the bioavailability of these products, we can see that it tends to be quite high. How does this tie to CBD oil? Well, it is rather obvious. You can always add a drop of two on these products.

Many people are not aware of the fact that CBD oil is widely perceived as a food supplement. Therefore, nobody should be surprised by the fact that experienced users don’t have any problem with adding it to already CBD-infused products, and those who are not. So, you should have that in mind.

4. Finding the Right Dosage

We’ve already stated that finding the right dose is one of the most significant things to pay attention to. At first sight, it is quite clear that the bioavailability will be much higher with increasing the dosage. However, your body might not be ready to accept the higher dosage, for a wide array of reasons.

Naturally, choosing the right dosage is a personal decision. Meaning, you can start by using lower dosages, and slowly increasing them, until you find the one that fits you perfectly. Those who use a higher dosage than it fits them can expect the effects will be much stronger than you want them to be.

Not only that, we need to point out that consuming a higher dosage doesn’t necessarily think that the bioavailability will become higher. There are even a couple of studies on this topic, and you can see that this is something that doesn’t have an effect.

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In Conclusion

Understanding CBD and its bioavailability are much more complex than it meets the eye. In this article of ours, we’ve described this concept by providing a high-detailed explanation. Also, there are a couple of things you should be aware of when it comes to bioavailability itself. We are sure that this sort of insight will provide much-needed help with understanding this concept.