6 Amazing Ways to Style Your Hair With a Cashmere Scarf

We’ve all been there – one day we feel like our hair is shiny, healthy, and clean, and then the next day, it gets fizzy and it feels completely dirty, even though it was washed the day before. If you find yourself in this situation from time to time, you might want to try an increasingly popular trend, styling your locks with a cashmere scarf.

But, if you never tried doing this before, you might be wondering – what are some of the best methods for styling my hair with a cashmere scarf? Luckily for all individuals that are wondering the same thing, the article below can help. Before we take a look at what you could do, let’s first look at the types you could use:

You Can Use Two Types of Scarfs

There are two types of scarfs that you could choose to purchase – square and rectangular. The square option is easier to work with and there are various hairdos that you could make with it, however, one of the things that you’ll have to ensure is that it’s large enough for the style you opt for.

The rectangular option isn’t as simple to work with as the aforementioned option, but it does offer some advantages. For instance, if you want some excess fabric hanging down from your locks or if you wish to completely cover your locks, using a rectangular one might be better for you.

Six Amazing Methods That You Could Try:

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  1. A High Tail

You might like tying your hair into a ponytail, and if so, you should purchase a rectangular scarf that is at least 60x60cm. To make this do, you’ll have to fold it into a triangle and then slowly roll the edges a few times until you end up with a long horizontal bandana.

Before you place it around the tail, you should tie it first with a usual band and once you do, you should wrap the bandana around it, and simply tie it. Keep in mind, you’ll want to ensure that the ends are equal in length, hence when you start wrapping it, look in the mirror to determine if the length is good.

  1. A Lower Bun

This style will look best if you opt for using a cashmere scarf instead of some other options on the market and it should be 90x90cm in size. Like the aforementioned option, you’ll have to form it into a triangle and roll the corners so that you make a bandana. Before you can wrap it, you should tie your locks in a bun and simply place the bandana around the ends on one side.

Depending on your preferences, you could either choose to tuck away the ends, you could leave them in varying lengths, or you could tie them in a way that they’re completely symmetrical. This look is both classy and elegant, which is why you could opt for wearing it on different occasions.

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  1. Half-Bun + Loose Locks

A cashmere scarf is one of the best and simplest items that you could use for making any bun more appealing, and if you desire to make a half-bun and leave the rest of your locks loose, you should begin by diving your locks into 2 sections. Once you do, you should take the top section and tie it into a messy half-bun.

Fold the fabric and simply wrap It around the bun, but ensure that the longer ends of the fabric hang with the rest of your locks. The dimensions of the fabric will depend on the extent of your hair, hence, the longer it is, the bigger the fabric should be. Keep in mind, if your hair is long, it needs to be at least 90x90cm in size.

  1. High Bun

To style a high bun with a cashmere scarf, you should repeat the same steps as you would for a lower bun. But, there is one thing that you might need to change in the process – the ends. You should leave them very short and you could leave them on the sides or direct them in the direction you want to.

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  1. ‘70s Headband

It appears that the ‘70s style is always popular and if you wish, you could choose to tie a ‘70s headband. To make this look, you should purchase a longer scarf so that you could easily wrap and tie it around your head. It’s a relatively straightforward style to create, especially since it will only take several minutes.

If you want to attract attention, you could purchase a lively and colorful fabric with some interesting patterns. Additionally, this style is also suitable for men, and if you need to purchase a men’s cashmere scarf, you can check this out to see some of the options available on the market.

  1. A Braid on The Side

Last on our list, but equally beautiful as the other styles on the lists is creating a side braid and tying the cashmere scarf at the bottom. To make this hairdo, you should first make a braid on one of your sides and then simply wrap a shorter fabric around it. If you want to, you could choose to use a longer model and leave the ends hanging from your braid.

This particular style is incredibly feminine and beautiful, and besides providing you with a unique look, it will also keep your braid in place for an entire day, which means that you won’t have to worry about it getting messy or fizzy. Additionally, this style is suitable for both formal and casual situations.

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There is a wide range of ways that you could choose to style your locks with a cashmere scarf. Keep in mind, whatever option you choose from our list above, you must ensure that the fabric you purchase is long enough, mostly because it will allow you to style your hair easily and quickly.

So, now that you’ve learned what you could choose to do with your locks, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your time. Instead, grab your cashmere scarf and then try some of the most popular styles we mentioned above in order to see which ones suit your hair best.