5 Types of Sexy Lingerie and How to Choose the Right One

In most cases, the partners don’t even need to wear anything so they can boost the passion in the relationship or marriage. But, sometimes, it’s a good idea to wear not your usual underwear. You guess that’s lingerie – a kind of underwear or sleepwear that looks different than your everyday choices. The pieces are matching and can be used on special occasions since they are pretty uncomfortable to wear every day. Also, you can consider them as sexy costumes too. No matter your body type, these clothes will make you feel attractive, hot, and sexy. Some of them can even have some additions for better stimulation during intercourse. The most important thing to consider when doing this is to find a reliable seller with proven quality, since all these things will touch your intimate parts, even for a moment. On websites like Lovify, you can find sexy and attractive lingerie, like panties, costumes, stockings, garters, and chemises.

You know your partner the best, and you probably will be able to recognize what they want, but still choose something comfortable for you. Your favorite piece will help you boost self-confidence, and feel even more attractive, making your partner thirsty for you. You can wear them on your special date, under the dress, and give them signs of what they can expect after you go to the bedroom. We don’t say that lingerie is crucial for the quality of your sex life, but it can be a great addition to spice up the things in your bed a little. If you are inexperienced in this, you may need some guide and help, and we will gladly do that for you. In this article, we will try to represent the most popular lingerie pieces, their different styles, the differences, and how they are used. Surely, their purpose is just “provocative” and stimulating, but if you adopt them in your bedroom, they will help you improve the sexual life together with your partner or partners.

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  1. Sets and costumes

Sets and costumes are suitable for special occasions. Some of them are comfortable enough to wear every day. They are a good starting point when you want to create a whole collection of lingerie. Start with a matching bra together with the panties, and make sure they are the right size for you, so you can be comfortable while wearing. You can even go with a dropping tank bra, that feels like a comfortable sleeping dress. Sets are more classical, but costumes are an interesting and creative choice, and they match with each other perfectly. They are great for role plays if you both are into that. On hauteflair.com, you can find plus-size lingerie in different colors and sizes. Choose a perfect set and wear it on special occasions.

  1. Chemises

They look like nightgowns with a sexy twist. Usually, they are paired with a babydoll, to hold and support the breasts, it looks like a dress, and it’s wider than your body but transparent enough so it can get your partner’s attention. If you choose the babydoll model you don’t need to use a bra together with it. You can choose every color that comes to your mind, laces, sparkling and shiny accessories, and combine them with elegant stiletto shoes for a sexier appearance. Let your fantasy do the rest.

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  1. Garters

No one can imagine a sexy look without them. They are usually placed on a belt that goes around the belly, and keeps the sexy socks on their place, but also giving the hips and booty attractive looks. You can combine them with the sets, costumes, chemises too, with a matching bra, or even completely naked and just the belt and socks on you – it all depends on your fantasy and preferences. The garters are basically thin straps that hang from the belt and help keep the stockings in their place. Some bows can be added for more sexiness. You can wear them under your dress or skirt, and tease your partner while you are out.

  1. Corsets

They are giving your body a special sexy appearance, making it look visually tight and very attractive, a little bit retro and vintage, but still very teasing for the partner. In the past, women wore corsets under their everyday dresses. Sometimes it causes a huge pressure over the abdomen, depending on the materials and mechanisms, causing stomachache and other issues. So, they are not meant to be on you for a long time, and hopefully, they will be taken off immediately you arrive at the bedroom.

  1. Stockings

They are socks made of nylon, nets, and other elastic fabrics, that are replacing tights, so everything on you can look smooth and nice. You can really get creative with them and surprise the partner when they don’t expect that from you.

How to choose and buy them?

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Today you have plenty of options to order your favorite piece of lingerie online. You only have to know your size and preferences and choose among the wide array of products that will fit you best. Also, there is always an option to look for something for your partner too. If you both are into these plays, you can be sure it will be very exciting and entertaining while having a fun time together.

Shop only from certified stores, with a transparent return policy. Also, take care that the materials suit your skin, so you won’t end up getting irritated and itching all night long. Always wash the lingerie before you use it because it was stored in places where probably there was dust or other types of dirt, together with the textile particles. That will prevent skin irritation too, and allergic reactions.

You can combine the pieces you already have with new accessories. But, no matter what you decide to do, it’s always important to order or purchase them from reliable stores and sellers. Don’t go for cheap pieces, because they will tear and wear out, and will look unattractive at the worst possible moment – and no one wants that, especially when the things start getting hot.