5 Best Old-School Floral Wallpaper Ideas For Your Living Room

What is the easiest and most beautiful way to spruce up the interiors of a room instantly? While painting is the classic answer, it can be tedious, messy, and expensive. The answer is wallpapers. Wallpapers have been the go-to option for giving a very unique look to the interior of your house. They can be personalized, easy to apply and remove and the color patterns and designs are unparalleled and even painting cannot give you that look.

Wallpapers have come in various types and materials over the ages. There are so many types of wallpapers: we have the plain ones, the geometric patterned ones often used to change the perspective of the size of the room, the funky wallpapers with neon colors often used in party rooms and finally we have the old-school classic which is the floral wallpapers.

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About Floral Wallpapers

Floral wallpapers can be thought of as old-school, but here you are probably imagining the faded ones with classic floral patterns. Those are not available anymore. In fact, the floral wallpapers available now are absolutely fabulous. The colors used now are rich, the flowers depicted are lush and beautiful, the material is more durable and can come in matte or gloss finish and floral wallpapers are honestly taken to the next level now and you can view more here. There are a variety of options available now, and this is being a popular refuge for people who want to decorate minimally but tastefully. The living room walls acquire an artistic look that can spruce up the interiors very well.

Some people have raised concern over the materials and glue used to paste these wallpapers. Thanks to non-toxic and more environment-friendly options, we have reusable wallpapers, recyclable wallpapers, and completely safe materials. So, the focus is more on the design now.

What are the different types of wallpapers that you could use to give your living room a grand look?

1. Vintage Floral Wallpapers

These wallpapers are the ones that retain the charm of the older floral wallpapers but are made of better materials. They have better finishing with either matte or gloss. Some wallpapers are even made of vinyl and give a fabulous look to the living room walls. The vintage look generally has large roses over a dark-colored background with leaves or twigs. They are available in pastel shades. You can either get an English style vintage floral wallpaper or even Japanese, the two styles are very popular. The Japanese one would have the traditional sakura blossoms against a dark backdrop giving a very surreal look to the living room. This style gives an eye-catching note to your living room walls with its two shades.

2. Classic Floral Wallpapers

The classic ones are generally beautiful and milder on the eyes. The flowers here are generally in lighter shades and the background also would be mild. Here, the backdrop gives a summer look to your living room walls and is calming. The flowers generally showcased on these are tulips, roses, peonies, and large chrysanthemums. In fact, some even have butterflies to give a completely colorful look. The classic ones are generally preferred with darker colored wooden furniture to give a very toned look in the living room. These go well if you have a lot of wall accessories as they are milder and blend better in the background.

3. Coloured Floral Wallpapers

These are personalized and the patterns on them would be the same, but you can choose the background shade. This is perfect if you are decorating thematically. Many people give color themes to the rooms of their houses. Pink floral wallpapers are generally given to living rooms or bedrooms due to the calming effect baby pink or soft pink has on the eyes. These would be roses or tulips with various pastel shades. The pinks and whites of the wallpaper can be extrapolated in the furniture giving a sophisticated setting. Many people often use this look pairing pink floral wallpaper with white furniture to give a gorgeous living room setting.

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4. 3D Wallpapers

A modern concept, quite bold and bright is 3D Wallpaper for living rooms. These give a virtual gradient look to your living room walls. There is an embossing quality that is given by wallpapers like these to the walls. The patterns tend to be large and from various angles look like they’re projecting outward. This is done for walls in the living room which don’t have furniture in front of it. They are also applied around fireplaces or any central furniture to give a bold finish. These come either in gloss or vinyl finish. They are also used to decorate murals. These are slowly getting really popular and many dealers stock up on these due to increasing demand.

5. Mixed Wallpapers

These are not entirely floral but have some aspects of it. They are generally patterned with birds, flowers, fruits, trees, butterflies, and sometimes even clouds and the skies. They are also an attractive option and would look really beautiful if your living room has large windows or French windows with a view of nature or the skies. That gives a charming natural look to your living room walls and has been used a lot by people. In fact, people having apartments on upper floors of buildings or penthouses use mixed wallpapers. The aspects of flowers still can be seen, along with other design elements.


Wallpapers have been quite underestimated over the ages as people prefer painting walls. This is due to the age-old misconceptions that wallpapers peel off and fade easily. Nowadays, that is not the case. Wallpapers can be more durable than painting itself. People have also been selecting the floral pattern for their houses because of the old-school charm that it has. There are so many living room wallpaper ideas now and based on your interiors, you can choose the best patterns.

Wallpapers contribute around 50% of the living room’s look, so choosing the patterns and material wisely is key. Knowing which suits your furniture, the architecture of your living room and the windows are very important. Keeping all that in mind and selecting the best wallpaper can surely do wonders for the overall look of your home!