10 Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair 2021 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Do you feel scared to experiment with your hair and bleach them? Coloring hair can be a revolutionary experience for some as it helps you to get an instant makeover with the desired color and adding richness to your hair. However, many brunettes or people with dark hair feel restrained while dying their hair because of the damage it brings. Yet, you can still manage to find quite decent applications to be used on your dark hair without bleaching.

Amazon's Pick
WELLA Color Charm Paints Purple
Good Choice
N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color, Purple Plum
Don't Miss
Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony (Electric Violet) Fantasy Hair Color, 6.7 Ounces
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WELLA Color Charm Paints Purple
N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color, Purple Plum
Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony (Electric Violet) Fantasy Hair Color, 6.7 Ounces
Hair Coloring Wax, KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye Easy Wash Hairstyle Cream 4.23 oz Disposable Hair Pomades, Natural Matte Hair Modeling Wax for Party Cosplay Nightclub Masquerades Halloween - Purple
Amazon's Pick
WELLA Color Charm Paints Purple
WELLA Color Charm Paints Purple
Good Choice
N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color, Purple Plum
N Rage Demi Permanente Hair Color, Purple Plum
Don't Miss
Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony (Electric Violet) Fantasy Hair Color, 6.7 Ounces
Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Pony (Electric Violet) Fantasy Hair Color, 6.7 Ounces
Also Consider
Hair Coloring Wax, KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye Easy Wash Hairstyle Cream 4.23 oz Disposable Hair Pomades, Natural Matte Hair Modeling Wax for Party Cosplay Nightclub Masquerades Halloween - Purple
Hair Coloring Wax, KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye Easy Wash Hairstyle Cream 4.23 oz Disposable Hair Pomades, Natural Matte Hair Modeling Wax for Party Cosplay Nightclub Masquerades Halloween - Purple

Therefore, this article manages to bring a list of the seven best purple hair dyes for dark hair with buying instructions based on a safe formula, less damage, and the overall application that can help you throughout with the desired change.

Top Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

1. L’Oreal Paris Hair Color for Brunettes

L'Oreal Paris Hair Color for Brunettes


To start with, if you are looking for a quality drug-store temporary color for your brown hair that can offer you minimal damage, I would suggest you go for this Loreal color. This is a great choice if you are temporarily considering a hair makeover without bleaching. I really liked it for its amazing results and quality formula.

Talking about the application, it doesn’t overwhelm you with its overall application process. Also, I found it relatively moisturizing with less damage than permanent or semi-permanent dyes. Another thing I really liked about this product is that it is transfer-resistant. Hence, it would not transfer or fade away on shampooing making it worth your investment.

Last but not least, the deal-breaker was a safe and protective formula for me. Thereby, the formula doesn’t contain any ammonia or peroxide making it a safe alternative. Overall, it is a well-suited option for anyone who wants to experiment with her hair more like me with different colors. You can also mix different shades to get the desired product.

  • Offers a temporary color
  • Offers a decent moisturization
  • It is a safe option
  • It is a cost-effective option
  • Includes transfer-resistant feature
  • Not for a long change


Finally, this L’oreal Paris Purple dye is an ideal and appropriate choice for anyone who wants to experiment with a different look. I really liked its safe and temporary formula which I can mix in order to get my preferred shade. It also offers you an easy application and decent moisture content that makes it a yes for me.

2. ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair


Likewise, if you are striving for change and want to color your dark hair in a decent purple color, I recommend you go for this Arctic color. I really liked its long-lasting color that doesn’t fade away or transfer, which makes it a great deal for me. Furthermore, its vegan and cruelty-free formula, i.e. the one I regard most, adding value to the product.

Additionally, unlike other competitive box style colors, it doesn’t leave the gaps and offers a rich plump color to fill all the shades perfectly making it more appealing. You can make your hair a rich purple with this formula. I also used it a few times just to keep the vibrancy and liveliness of my hair. Here, I would prefer to use the conditioner as it gives a sudden shine to the hair.

In the end, talking about the application, was a smooth process and I didn’t face any difficulty other than saving my hands and face. Another thing I really was impressed by is its vegan and toxin-free formula that contains no ammonia or peroxide content that can damage your hair potentially. Therefore, you can ideally use this product for a long time irrespective of the worry of damage.

  • Offers a cruelty-free formula
  • It comes with a conditioner
  • Ideal for long-lasting color
  • It comes with a safe formula
  • Can be applied a few times
  • Can be a little expensive
  • Not for temporary makeover


In essence, this Arctic semi-permanent color is one of my favorites with a safe and cruelty-free formula that helps you with a rich plump color. I really liked this product for its long-lasting color with a conditioner that ensures the vibrancy and shine of my hair. Apart from this, it can be applied a few times without any damage that makes it stand among others.

3. Punky Plum Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

Punky Plum Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color


To begin with, this Punky Plum color is my go-to for long-lasting application and to prevent damage to a great extent. I am fond of its conditioning formula that moisturizes your hair and perfectly fills in all the gaps making it look lustrous and shiny. Additionally, it is famous for its intense and vibrant composition that adds value to the product.

Talking about the finish, it offers a healthy and shiny look that is more leaned towards a professionally done appearance. Also, the vibrant purple with a tint of maroon offers a great alternative for your dark hair as it fills in each strand perfectly without giving you patches. I also was impressed by an easy application that didn’t overwhelm me like other box paints.

In the end, it is designed to give you a long-lasting finish that lasts up to nine weeks and 25 washes, making it the absolute best for anyone looking for a decent chance. Lastly, it comes with a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly formula without any alcohol or peroxides. Hence, it is a great choice for anyone who regards vegan products with efficiency in their job.

  • Offers a long-lasting finish
  • It comes with a vegan-friendly formula
  • Offers a vibrant application
  • Provides an intense color
  • Offers great moisturization
  • Comes in limited shades
  • Not recommended for black hair


In essence, this Punky Plum is one of the best choices for a long-lasting and less damaging application. It comes with a cruelty-free formula and a vibrant purple color that goes on pretty well with the dark hair and fills in each strand effectively. I also liked its moisturizing qualities that ensured no fading or washing and helped me prevent the damage.

4. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye


First and foremost, if your primary concern lies with the prevention of damage while dying your hair, I suggest you go for this Lime Crime. This is specifically designed to give you ultra-conditioning qualities which makes it one of my favorites. Coupled with this, it offers a long-lasting application and works perfectly well on dark hair without bleach.

Secondly, it is recommended to leave the application for 45 minutes to get the best results. For me, it lasted for 28 washes without any intense damage. Additionally, I really like the cruelty-free compositions that also don’t include any alcohol, peroxides, and ammonia. It is also PETA-certified, which makes it reliable in its claims.

Lastly, talking about the application, it was pretty smooth and deposited the color without demanding a developer, making it less costly and convenient. Furthermore, the finish was soft and smooth and added a decent purple tint to my hair. However, it is not best if you are looking for a color that would deposit on each strand equally.

  • Offers a long-lasting application
  • Offers a convenient process
  • Includes ultra-conditioning qualities
  • It is a cost-effective option
  • It comes with a vegan-friendly formula
  • Not the best multi-dimensional composition
  • Might be patchy


In the end, this ultra-conditioning Lime Crime semi-permanent color dye is a great choice for anyone who wants a quick, convenient, and cost-effective product. I found it interesting particularly for its composition that ensures moisture and conditioning qualities, making it a safe and healthy option. Also, the vegan-friendly formula and quick application are a plus for me.

5. KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye

KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye


If you are up for a temporary hair makeover and want a product that can help you experiment with purple color, I recommend you go for this KooJoee dye. It is one of the best purple hair dyes for dark hair as it gives you a desirable finish without causing any damage and natural formula. I really was impressed by its composition that makes it a yes for me.

Similarly, one of my favorites in this product is its gentle formation that prevents any kind of damage and also keeps your scalp from irritation and redness. It is also an environment-friendly composition that makes it valuable among others. The overall life of this product lasts from one to two days without fading or washing.

Additionally, if you are a party person and want to experiment with your looks just for one or two nights, this one is the absolute best for you. Talking about the application, I didn’t experience any difficulty as it comes in a wax form that is not messy and offers great convenience. The overall finish is shiny and reflective and covers each strand perfectly.

  • It is a quick safe alternative
  • It comes with a natural formula
  • Doesn’t damage the hair
  • Ideal for hair makeovers
  • Covers each strand easily
  • Might not be the best color


Wrapping up, this KooJoee is the go-to temporary color that has helped me through many parties and occasions without damaging my hair. I highly regard its plant-based all-natural formula with no harmful content which makes it an ideal choice for temporary color. It also offers a decent finish with a unique shine and proper coverage that makes it stand among others.

6. N Rage Demi Permanent Hair Color

N Rage Demi Permanent Hair Color


To start with, this N Rage hair color is one of the best purple hair dyes for dark hair that helps you with a decently long-lasting and high coverage application. Additionally, it comes with a quality formulation that prevents damage. Hence, with a pop of color, you are also getting moisturization and conditioning qualities.

Likewise, I am a fan of the richness of protein, amino acids, and keratin that not only prevents damage but also serves as a healthy alternative. If you are looking for something long-lasting with vibrant purple color, this N Rage is a suitable product. Also, this gives you a salon-like professionally done look that is one of my most appreciated ones.

Last but not least, it lasts around 25 to 28 washes which makes it better than semi-permanent hair colors. Talking about the finish, it offers a shiny and reflective finish with a great multidimensional and multi-toning finish that works absolutely well for me. Finally, the dye deposits the color without a developer that adds to the convenience and ease of the users.

  • Offers a long-lasting coverage
  • It comes with a healthy composition
  • Provides a salon-like look
  • Offers a convenient application
  • Offers a vibrant purple color
  • Can be a little expensive
  • Color might fade


On the whole, this N Rage hair dye for dark hair is an appropriate option for anyone who wants a healthy and safe alternative without compromising on the color. I found it one of the best with a long-lasting finish and high coverage. It is formulated with keratin and amino acids that contribute to the health of the hair and prevent any damage.

7. WELLA Color Charm Paints Semi-Permanent Hair Color

WELLA Color Charm Paints Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Here comes another quality product for semi-permanent application and safe composition. It is famous for its coverage, multi-dimensional application, and long-lasting finish. Furthermore, I like its salon-like look with a shiny and reflective finish that makes it valuable among others.

Additionally, this Wella color dye lasts for 20 weeks, which is relatively decent for such a price point. Talking about the application, it doesn’t require any developer and I didn’t experience any mess or difficulty during the whole process. It also possesses Colorinvent technology that allows you to mix shades together to get the preferred color.

In the end, considering the formulation, it doesn’t include any toxic elements other than a small amount of alcohol which makes it decent to prevent damage. It is also suitable for all hair types and colors that add to its versatility. Overall, one of my favorites in this product is its customizable formula that offers a great scope of experimentation.

  • Offers a shiny and reflective finish
  • Suitable for hair types
  • Offers a long-lasting coverage
  • Covers all hair stands perfectly
  • Offers great customization
  • Includes some alcohol content


Finally, this Wella color is a great choice for anyone looking for long-lasting and decent coverage. I particularly liked this formula because of its great coverage, shiny finish, and long-lasting applications. Additionally, its intermixing shades offer you great customization when it comes to getting a preferred color.

What to Consider While Buying the Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair; A Comprehensive Buying Guide

img source: livinggorgeous.com

Purple can be a fun and exciting color to go for and if you are a brunette who wants to experiment with hair without bleaching, having a sound knowledge about hair dyes is compulsory. Hence, a quality dye is the one that helps you with long-lasting coverage, better application, and a smooth finish. Finally, here are some features you should consider while buying the best purple hair dye for dark hair;

Composition of the Dye

The foremost requirement of the best purple hair dye for dark hair is the composition of the product you are regarding. There are several formulas out there that include harmful ingredients such as alcohol, peroxides, and ammonia that have the capacity to damage your hair. On the contrary, there are a variety of safe products that are free from these toxins and often come with a vegan-friendly composition that helps you in preventing damage. Furthermore, if you want to go ahead, you can also go for products that include keratins and amino acids, making them healthy and safe alternatives.

Time Duration

While looking for a desired purple hair dye for dark hair, it is important to consider the duration of different formulas that can serve you differently. Hence, the most important here to consider the three types of hair dyes being permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. As their name suggests, temporary colors usually last from one to two days with a safe and natural composition. On the other hand, semi-permanent and permanent dyes are usually long-lasting and come with quality formulas (often including peroxides, and alcohol) to give you great coverage and vibrant application. Therefore, based on your individual preferences, you can go for the one that suits you perfectly.

Primary and Secondary Color

In order to get the best purple hair for dark hair, it is important to consider different formulas that can help you. Hence, in the market, there are many dyes that require a mixture of a primary (base) color and a secondary color to get the desired change. These colors offer you the perfect coverage and shade with a long-lasting finish. However, you will have to consider while using this dye that whenever you will add a layer, it will change the pigment.

Price Point

Before making any buying decision, it is significant to look for something that is reasonable and can help you with desired outcomes. There are many high-end brands that are known for their premium products and help you in achieving a salon-like look. However, if you are looking for something not very high-end and are looking for something decent in the application and finish, any product with a safe formula is the one to go. Hence for this, I would recommend you go for Arctic or L’oreal products.

What Type of Purple Are You Looking For?

Within the purple color, there are plenty of shades ranging from lightest to darkest. Hence, in order to get the desired shade, you will have to consider some primary colors that come in this pellet. Here are some of the colors you must look into before buying any product;

  • Lilac is another shade of pastel and is on the lighter side of purple. If you have any lighter or ashy shades of brown, I would recommend you go for this shade.
  • Lavender has more of a blue tone that looks absolutely gorgeous on black hair. You can also experiment with this color on brown hair.
  • Mauve is an ashy purple color that goes well with brunettes or any other shade of brown adding more volume and texture to your hair.
  • Violet is a vibrant and clear purple shade that looks perfectly refreshing on any hair specifically black or dark brown.
  • Pastel is considered the lightest shade of purple that offers a softer look and smooth color. However, products with this shade might not be the best for dark hair.
  • Magenta is a mixture of pink and purple that goes absolutely well on dark hair.
  • Plump is another vibrant and dark shade of purple that compliments dark hair exceptionally and looks mesmerizing.

Finally, after having some knowledge of purple shades, you can choose your preferred shade wisely.


img source: haircolortrends.org

What is the best purple hair dye for dark hair?

Arctic Fox is one of the best purple colors for long-lasting application and great coverage. It is famous for its vibrant purple color that lasts for 28 washes and offers you a multi-dimensional color overall. I also really like its cruelty-free formula that doesn’t include any harmful toxins which make it stand among others.

What is the best healthy formula for purple hair dye?

N Rage temporary color is one of the best formulas if you regard a safe and healthy formula. It is a temporary formula that includes all-natural ingredients in addition to the keratins, amino acids, and proteins. Additionally, it offers decent coverage and multi-dimensional color on dark hair.

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent hair dye?

Semi-permanent hair color usually lasts for 28 weeks with mostly safe and natural formulas. On the contrary, permanent colors are known for their inorganic formulas that often include some contents of alcohol and peroxide and last longer than semi-permanent colors. Hence, based on these features, you can look for the one that is suitable for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Purple can be a fun and thrilling color however can be challenging in terms of maintenance and choosing the right shade, specifically for dark hair. A quality hair dye is the one that helps you with a long-lasting application, decent finish, quality coverage, and the desired shade with multi-dimensional color. Hence, based on these conditions, here are some suggestions;

KooJoee Temporary Hair Dye is one of the best with its natural formula, decent coverage, and convenient application.

N Rage Demi Permanent Hair Color is famous for its long-lasting coverage, smooth finish, and quality composition.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color for Brunettes is popular among users with its reasonable price range, multi-dimensional color, and convenient application.

Finally, have these best purple hair dyes for dark hair and make them fun.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon:

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Light Bleached or Blondes, Purple
  • A collection of beautiful trend shades ranging from light pastels to bright vivids for use on platinum, light and medium blondes, bleached or highlighted hair
  • Our semi-permanent hair color is created with pure dyes in a conditioning hair mask so it’s quick and easy to apply - Once complete, the color gradually fades the more you shampoo
  • Gentle, vegan formulas with no animal derived ingredients or byproducts - No mixing, no ammonia, no peroxide
  • Try mixing and matching different shades to create the perfect rainbow hair, mermaid hair, galaxy hair, festival hair or Halloween look that turns heads everywhere you go
  • Semi-permanent hair color is the best way to experiment with different shades before you fully commit to a permanent color you love
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream, V2 Dark Intense Violet (Pack of 2) Purple Hair Dye
  • Bold Nourishing Hair Color: This permanent purple hair dye is formulated with color boost technology and a blend of triple fruit oils: avocado, olive, and shea; to deliver bold, boosted permanent hair color, even to dark hair
  • Dark Purple Hair Dye: Garnier Nutrisse hair color crème, with grape seed and avocado oil, comes in a complete hair dye kit and nourishes while it colors with a rich, non drip creme formula
  • Garnier Hair Color: For hair nourishing, easy to use permanent hair dye, temporary hair color, root touch up, or to enhance your natural hair color, turn to Garnier hair color
  • Over 100 Years of Pioneering in Hair Care: Since 1904 Garnier has blended naturally inspired and derived ingredients into breakthrough formulas; Nourish your hair with hair color and care from Garnier
  • Inspired By Nature: Garnier carries an array of products for your hair and skin care needs, from shampoos, color care and styling products to formulas that cleanse, moisturize and repair skin
MANIC PANIC Electric Amethyst Hair Dye Classic
  • Electric Amethyst Hair Dye Color; A Glowing Medium Violet Hair Dye With Cool Blueish Undertones; For Best Results We Recommend Lightening Hair To The Lightest Level Ten Blonde Before Use
  • Mixable Colors And Tones; MANIC PANIC Hair Colors Are Safe To Mix To Create Custom Shades Making The Possibilities Of Shades Endless; Combine Any Formula With The Pastelizer To Create Soft Trendy Pastel Hues; Ready To Use No Developer Required
  • Semi Permanent Hair Dye; Formula Gradually Fades In Four To Six Weeks Because It Does Not Penetrate The Cortex Of Your Hair But Simply Rests On Top Of The Hair Shaft
  • Cruelty Free And Vegan Formula; This Color Cream Hair Dye Features Vegan Ingredients Tested On Celebrities Not Animals; Hair Color Is Ammonia Free Paraben Free Gluten Free Resorcinol Free Phthalate Free And Peta Accredited
  • For Best Results; Vibrant Color Results Are Best Achieved By Applying To Hair That Has Been Pre Lightened With MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Bleach Kits; Bleaching Thoroughly To A Level Nine Or Ten Before Dyeing Is Recommended For The Best Results
Got2b Unlimited Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • 3 colors, your style! Create your own rainbow look!
  • Spice up your hair with electrifying hair dye colors for mind-blowing vibrancy or look pretty in pastel!
  • Create your own color intensity! Mix the got2b color cream with the pastelizer to create your own shade.
  • Mix, apply and enjoy! All you need - brush, tray and pastelizer already included!
  • Semi-permanent, multi-application includes: 3 color creams, 1 conditioner, 1 pair gloves, 1 pastelizer, 1 tray, 1 instruction leaflet, 1 brush
RAW Deep Purple Demi Permanent Hair Color, Vegan, Free from Ammonia, Paraben & PPD, lasts over 45 washes, 4oz
  • ROCK ON YOUR DEEP PURPLE HAIR: Here’s your favorite hair color brand with improved formula! Change your hair color when you change your mood with the incredibly brilliant Deep Purple Demi-Permanent Hair Color from RAW. This temporary, washable hair dye offers a vigorous and long-lasting hair color that lasts for weeks! Easy to apply and ideal for all hair types. Perfect to those who are fond of reinventing fashion colors on their hair. Get compliments all the time with vibrantly bold look!
  • LONG-LIVE RICH, VIBRANT COLOR: Have your vibrant, beautiful deep purple hair that lasts up to 16 to 30 washes! Keep hair color vibrant and long-lasting without inhibitors or developer needed! You just have to apply this directly to your hair and get durable color, intense shine while preventing hair from breakage. It fades prettily too, into a much lighter version, so you don't have to always reapply! Keep your rich deep purple, gorgeous hair with RAW Deep Purple Demi-Permanent Hair Color.
  • PPD-FREE (PARAPHENYLENEDIAMINE) HAIR DYE: Restore your natural locks with PPD-free demi-permanent hair color from RAW. This hair dye is free from damaging ingredients, preventing hair complications, skin allergies, and asthma. Works on all hair types, textures, and natural hair color level. So, you don’t have to worry about brittle and dry hair after hair dyeing! You can always enjoy vibrant fashion hair color every time without any skin irritations!
  • EASY TO APPLY: Get deep purple hair in just 15 minutes! It’s ready to apply hair dye and easy to squeeze. No need to mix with inhibitors! You can enjoy its bubblegum smell too! Prep up your hair to clean and dry, apply petroleum jelly around hairline and ears for easier stain removal, apply the hair dye on desired areas leave on hair for 15 minutes, and rinse hair thoroughly with cool water. This hair color treatment fantastically conditions hair, locking up color making it pop longer!
  • CONVENIENT, ECONOMICAL: No more breaking the bank to get ultimate hair makeover! Get a salon-like deep purple hair color finish at home with RAW Deep Purple Demi-Permanent Hair Color! This comes with an easy to follow instructions so you can dye your hair hassle-free. Save yourself from time-consuming and costly hair treatment. Great value for money you can get with this high-quality temporary hair dye. 100 % veggie-based and cruelty-free. Never tested on animals - proudly made in the US.
Metallic Lilac Purple Hair Dye | Permanent lilac purple hair colour |Lilac home hair colouring kit | Vegan hair dye | Cruelty free | Smart Beauty hair colours + Smart Plex anti-breakage technology
  • Fancy a change in style? Transform your hair color with this fashionable Metallic Lilac permanent hair dye. Smart Beauty hair coloring kits use the latest salon quality hair coloring technology and make it accessible and affordable for home use.
  • What is Smart Plex? You may have seen ‘plex’ in professional salons. Described as ‘the single most important development in hair color’ plex is unlike other conditioners and treatments which only add ingredients. Plex actually nourishes and rebuilds the micro-bond fibre structure of your hair making it healthier and stronger.
  • Choose with confidence. All our Smart Beauty hair colour products, formulations and ingredients are sourced to meet the latest EU/UK Cosmetic Directives’ rules and regulations. All Smart Beauty products are Vegan hair dyes and not tested on animals
  • To get the best results apply to natural very light or bleached blonde hair. If your hair is darker the result will not be as visible or will not provide your desired shade. If your hair is thick or long, two pack may be required.
  • The color result is permanent, and the longevity can be influenced by many factors such as natural hair color, previous treatments, condition, porosity, length and thickness. The color will fade with routine shampooing. Always do a strand test before full application.
Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Long-Lasting Vibrant Color Magenta for Unisex Hair Color, 3 Ounce
  • It is easy to use, with no developer required
  • It gives hair artists everything they need to concoct, mix and create endless color palettes
  • Suitable for all hair types
Splat Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye (6 Fl Oz, MIDNIGHT TANZANITE)
  • Baobab Seed Oil moisturizes provides shine, helps induce hair growth and protects from UV rays
  • Quinoa Extracts packed with vitamins and minerals, vegetable protein strengthens and protects to help prevent breakage
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color- Lasts up to 30 Washes or More
  • No Bleach - Damage-Free Hair Dye
  • Ultra Conditioning Formula
Splat Rebellious Fantasy Complete Hair Color Kit in Lusty Lavender
  • Contains a unique formula that will give your hair vivid, long lasting color.
  • This is a one application kit for all hair colors. It can provide subtle hints of color to unbleached or dark hair or intense, vibrant color to bleached or blonde hair!
  • With just one application, express yourself with semi-permanent hair paint.
  • Easy to apply Conditions your hair while you color!
  • Kit includes color, bleach and peroxide.
HJL Hair Color Permanent Hair Dye Cream with Comb Applicator Ammonia-Free Hair Coloring Kit, Deep Purple, Pack of 1
  • 2 in 1 Hair Dye: Innovative comb applicator design, colors seals all-in-one, mix-free, easy reinstall. Hair coloring is as easy & direct as combing your hair. It's the best pick for taking a creative home salon at hand. Comb hair gently before using.
  • Ammonia-free Formula Hair Dye Cream: It's enriched with Jojoba oil and cosmetic grade Lanolin, gentle to scalp, making hair feel healthy & silky. And plays a deeper conditioning role, more hydrated, nourished hair. No ammonia, no dreadful chemical smell.
  • Permanent Hair Color Dye: Give your hair endless amethyst which with wine red tones. Enjoy beautiful, natural-looking, rich, long-lasting color from root to tip. It will last up to 8 weeks on average.
  • Pop Colors Hair Dyeing: Bright and bold colors of red violet color say goodbye to lifeless and dull colors. The color infusion formula goes deep and penetrates each strand, for rich color, from the inside out. It will turn out the most accurately on hair which is 8°-9° or lighter.
  • Convenient 200ml Hair Color Kit: Easy to use hair dye, it's perfect for daily use, festivals, parties. It includes an easy hair color comb, gloves, earmuffs, raincoat, bath cap, and small comb. Fresh fruity aroma without pungent flavour. In the beautiful hair color, it exudes a unique fruity fragrance.