Common Mistakes to Avoid When Coloring Your Own Hair

A lot of people in the world color their hair at home, but also there are plenty who go to a salon for professional styling. It’s a matter of choice, as long as you are aware of the perks and benefits of these two options. Some women do that for years, and if they want a one-color choice, there is not a lot of space to make a mistake. On the other hand, just a drop more or less, can make a huge difference.

Today, there are plenty of ways how to dye your hair. Stylists know a lot of different styles, including rainbow coloring, or paster and bright colors, that should go over bleached blonde hair.

A lot of young girls find home dyeing a more affordable option than visiting a stylist, and that’s when most o the mistakes are made. But it doesn’t mean adult women or even men who want to change their hair color.

Here are a few mistakes you can do when coloring it by yourself:

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You try to cover one color with another

When you don’t like the color you have, or you think it’s too pale right now, the first thing that comes to your mind is to cover it all with a darker shade. Or even black. But, keep in mind that treated hair absorbs the dye differently than virgin hair, so even if you use safe colors and shades, it can end up in a catastrophe, especially if you have some of the bright or pastel dyes already. It’s really interesting to have pink, blue, or green hair, but these colors require special care and expensive hair products.

Since the maintenance is pretty expensive, a lot of girls fail to do that properly, and they find a solution in dyeing it by themselves. If it happens that you have green hair and you want it covered, check The same tips can be used for other similar colors. Your hair is already bleached, and it won’t take a lot to absorb the new one.

You try to go for more than two shades

At home, you can’t do a lot. Over-the-counter hair dyes aren’t that powerful as the salon ones, and you can easily make a mistake if you only follow the box instructions. How the color turns out depends on the condition of your hair right now. If your hair is never treated with dye or bleach before, you can easily get the shade on the box. But, if it’s naturally dark, you can’t expect the same outcome.

In most cases, there is an instruction list on the back of the box, with an indicator on how it would turn out depending on the natural color. Also, you can turn from dark brown to platinum blonde at home. You can try to, but it will end up in dry and burned hair, that looks orange or too yellow. So, visiting a salon when you want a big change is a must. If you only want to refresh the looks and make the hair brighter and shiny, you can do it at home. But, every big change requires a stylist who will work on it.

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Your expectations are not realistic

This one is tightly related to the previous paragraph. You must be realistic and keep your expectations down, except if you are a hairstylist who knows how to color your hair. In any other case, you should know that the store-bought hair colors are not what they seem to be. Sometimes, in order to get the shade you want, your natural hair should undergo bleaching treatment, so the dye turns out as it’s shown on the box.

Not using appropriate hair products

You may have healthy and not demanding hair, but when you want to make a change, you have to invest in quality shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and other products as oils, or crystal drops. Before and after the coloring, the hair should be properly treated, so it can absorb the color without causing a lot of damage. After that, it will be soft and smooth, no matter which technique you’ve used.

Not using protection on the hairline

When you dye your hair at home, you can easily make a mess, especially with the darker colors. A lot of women have their forehead colored, because they didn’t follow the natural hairline, or they overdid it on the back of the head. And do you know that prevention is much easier than the solution? You only need to apply a thick layer of Vaseline or a similar product over the hairline, and even if you make a mess, you can easily wipe it up after the coloring. If somehow a color spot is still there, use oily makeup remover to remove it.

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Don’t leave it too long

Start counting the minutes after the color is fully applied over the head. Don’t wait too long to wash it off. If the box says half an hour is enough, you won’t get a better result if you double it up. Instead, you will get damaged hair, and that’s not what you want.

Don’t start with permanent colors

If this is your first time dyeing your hair at home, it’s better to choose a color shampoo or a semi-permanent color, so you can see if you can do it by yourself. Even if you make a mistake, the color shampoo lasts up to 4 washes, and semi-permanent dyes about 8 washes. After that, you can visit a stylist to fix it. It’s much easier when they work over a semi-permanent than when the damage is too big to be fixed in one visit.

As you can see, you indeed can dye your hair at home, but if you want to avoid all these mistakes, it’s better to make an appointment with your stylist. They will know what type of color to use, and how long should you keep it on you, until you get the wanted shade.