Why Hair Transplant Is So Cheap In Turkey

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries globally that offers the most affordable hair transplant with higher quality services. Many factors contribute to this, like lower cost of living, product, material, and many clinics. For this reason, it allows Turkey to offer cheap hair transplant services.

While it has become the undisputed destination for cosmetic procedures, many questions have arisen, questioning their affordability considering the high cost in other locations.

This article explains why hair transplants in Turkey do not cost a premium compared to other locations. Read on to learn more.

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Leasing Medical Spaces Does Not Cost Much

One of the most expensive factors for any business is the geographical location of its operations. Turkey offers more than 1,200 hospitals from where you can get the services. Due to the weak Turkish lira and the continued transactions in foreign currencies, hair transplant clinics in Turkey have secured reasonable rates in hospitals. The affordable cost of medical leasing spaces is, in turn, reflected in the total cost structure, which offers a lot of benefits for patients. Just to put things in perspective, an office space costing up to £6,000 in London costs an average of £2,500 in a Turkish hospital.

Highly Qualified Experts at An Affordable Cost

Turkey has many hair transplant surgeons with years of experience in this field. They offer the best services because they have access to well treatment techniques and more advanced technology. There are many clinics like Dr. Bayer Clinics to choose from so all you have to do is do some research, ask for recommendations or check online reviews from previous clients. You can also compare the prices to choose the one that fits your budget.

As you would expect, the growing popularity of hair transplants has led to an increase in hair clinics across Istanbul, Turkey. The good news is that regulations exist, and they apply to every business involved in the industry. With the very rigid medical controls, every medical team member has to hold the correct qualifications before actively participating in a procedure. The low labor cost in Turkey allows hair transplant clinics to benefit from significant leverage compared to other European competitors when setting the price for hair transplant treatments. They can also employ all their staff for barely 20% of the total cost compared to the average labor cost in other parts of Europe.

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Affordable Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why Istanbul, Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations across the world? Many global tourists prefer to vacation in the south of Turkey during the annual holiday season. Statistics show that Turkey hosted approximately 40 million tourists in 2018 alone. The reason behind this is that you make the most of your money when vacationing in Turkey. You get to enjoy great food, hospitality, endless beaches, and transparent seas, all at a very affordable cost.

Because of this, life in the major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul is way more affordable for foreign visitors. But since the salaries are low, most Turkish residents do not enjoy the country as much as tourists do. However, have a great time as a medical tourist, even when working with a limited budget.

Clinics Perform Many Procedures a Day

For some people, this may mean that you get to work with highly experienced staff, but that’s far from the case. The Affordable cost has attracted thousands of medical tourists making the industry a billion-dollar business. As you’d expect of any industry, you have to pay an entry cost that helps you stay open and operational. In the hair transplant industry, businesses have to work with many staff to complete a procedure.

When labor costs such a small amount with extremely high earnings, some clinics employ multiple staff to accommodate more than nine patients daily. In turn, you change from a patient to a financial instrument used to keep the business operational and generate profit. This mode of operating has made Turkey a top choice for many hair transplant clients.

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They Manufacturers Medical Equipment Locally

This Factor alone is the reason for extremely low surgery and health care costs in Turkey. Turkey offers a lot of support to the domestic manufacturing industry instead of importing. To support local manufacturers, Turkey sells imported products at a significantly higher price than locally manufactured products. This translates to less importing and high local production. Due to this, early minutes logistics shipping and customer costs from the final price. In turn, you pay a much lower price not because the government supports local production but because the total cost of domestic production is lower than the cost incurred when using imported products.

Some Doctors Don’t Have the Right Qualifications

Hair transplants, just like other medical procedures, require qualified technicians and doctors. In Turkey, however, some clinics still operate with doctors and technicians without legal qualifications. Hair transplants require medical experience and knowledge as well as the right qualifications to achieve the right results. Turkish clinics operate more based on financial ambitions than the ethical approach, so they do not employ qualified surgeons to help with the procedure. This significantly increases the risks, so you should carefully search for the ideal hair transplant clinic and check the team’s qualifications before deciding to get a hair transplant in Turkey. Every hair transplant clinic should have a qualified surgeon, a patient coordinator, three clinical nurses, and a driver as a standard requirement.

The affordable cost of hair transplants in Turkey depends on your understanding of how the global economy functions. The highly reasonable prices come about mainly due to the Turkish economy rather than the quality of the procedures. As a medical tourist from a different country with a stronger currency, you may find the hair transplant cost in Turkey too affordable. However, you will realize that most Turkish citizens and residents find it too expensive compared to the local cost of living in the country. Local manufacturing also plays a part in the Affordable price since clinics do not have to pay for the shipping, logistics, and customs. Simply put, the main reason you find hair transplants in Turkey affordable is that you are not a Turkish resident.