Can Greying Hair be Reversed: 6 Tips to Try

Grey hair is a universal problem seen everywhere around the world in different age groups. As you grow old, your hair follicles are degraded and produce less melanin which results in white or grey hair based on your genetics.

There are plenty of reasons that can lead to grey hair, but there are also ways you can not only prevent more damage but can reverse your grey hairs into their normal colour. In this article, you will get insights into a few beneficial tips and remedies that will prevent as well as reverse the growth of grey hair.

Tips and remedies to reverse grey hairs

1. Find the root cause

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The first step to reversing grey hair is to find out what’s causing it. There are several causes, including medications and nutritional deficiencies, so you may need to see a doctor if your hair gets darker in patches or if it’s not quite as white as it used to be.

If you know what’s causing this issue, you can take steps to prevent new strands from turning grey. If you are not sure what’s causing your grey hairs, then consult a doctor who can provide the best solution based on your condition. You can even ask around at work or in social circles who can help you with the best advice.

Grey hair is a sign of aging and can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics and lifestyle choices. If you are concerned about your grey hair then head on to this website to shop from the best quality grey hair reversal products at the most budget-friendly rates.

2. Reduce stress and increase vitamin D levels

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Stress can also lead to the growth of grey hair. The body’s production of melanin is linked to the production of testosterone, which in turn contributes to the production of free radicals that cause damage to your follicles and eventually lead to grey hair. To reduce stress, try yoga or meditation, or take up mindfulness practices such as breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

Moreover, it is often found that reduced levels of vitamin D can also trigger the growth of grey hair on your head. To prevent this ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D, and the easiest way to get vitamin D is from the Sun. Try spending more time outdoors, or go out for a morning walk for 20-30 minutes every day which will not only prevent greying hair but also will keep you healthy and fit.

3. Consider using a biotin supplement

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Biotin is an essential vitamin essential for healthy hair and good skin. It supports healthy skin and nails by helping your body produce keratin, which will prevent blocks for hair growth. Biotin is a B vitamin found in foods like eggs and dairy products that helps your follicles produce keratin, which will heal your damaged follicles and reverse grey hairs.

Try using a product that contains biotin. If you are taking biotin supplements on top of your regular diet, which must include plenty of lean proteins. For better and quick results, consume biotin-containing foods daily. You may notice that your hair becomes thicker and longer after several months of treatment.

4. Eat more protein

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In many people, insufficient protein intake has been the root cause of grey hair. Proteins are extremely crucial for our body and ensure muscle formation and strength. It is also related to grey hair in many individuals who don’t consume enough protein.

Moreover, it is often found that people with grey hair tend to eat fewer proteins than those with natural hair, which may also reduce the quality of hair making them thinner and weak, and this can also cause hair fall in several cases. To prevent this, simply increase your consumption of lean meats like chicken breast or fish like salmon for better-looking locks in no time.

5. Try natural home remedies

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Natural remedies are also considered the best way to reverse grey hair. There are plenty of natural remedies that will help you to improve the quality of your hair. Certain essential oils have been used for centuries as treatments for grey hair due to their ability to improve circulation and boost blood flow to the scalp. This helps stimulate new growth on old damaged follicles, so you can make new ones.

Also, make sure that you get enough sleep each night and eat healthy meals. This will help keep the colour in your hair and heal them from deep within the roots. Some of the popular home remedies include coconut oil, and lavender oil, consider eating ginger mixed with honey, or blackstrap molasses (a by-product obtained from sugarcane) once or twice a week as per your condition.

6. Stop smoking and consume less alcohol

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Another major cause of grey hair can be smoking or consuming excessive alcohol. You might be aware of how injurious smoking and alcohol consumption are for your health. It’s not only bad for your hair growth, but causes other major health problems as well.

Amongst other health concerns smoking and alcohol consumption are directly related to hair problems which often result in damaging the follicles and as a result, it shrinks and causes grey hair or hair loss. Try to quit smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol, and with proper treatment, you will have new healthy hairs on your head.

The Bottom-line

Nowadays, with the lifestyle change, everyone has got a busy schedule and people often forget to take care of themselves. Grey hair is an unavoidable reality of life, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. Follow a proper diet and take good care of your hair to keep them healthy and avoid these problems.

Some people have different genetics than others and some people have different experiences with environmental factors like pollution or radiation exposure. These were some tips and remedies to help you reverse your grey hair.