How Do You Keep Your Head Cool Under a Wig?

We all want to look good, and it’s a normal thing that everyone needs to work on. Every aspect of your appearance is important, especially the appearance of your hairstyle, whether it’s your hair, extensions, or a hairpiece. A wig is a type of hairpiece worn to cover or replace damaged hair, or simply add length or style. Wigs are worn by a large number of people today, and there are many reasons why they wear them, but either way, they are an affordable solution that is easily available. Wigs come in various styles, colors, textures, and sizes, so all you need is to decide what type of hairpiece you will choose, and you can help yourself with the choice by visiting sites like Nadula and similar ones. Some wigs are also designed to mimic real hair color, texture, shape, and size. All this is great and goes in favor of the one who chooses a wig, but the problem with the heat that the wig creates is still the number one problem.

For every person who needs this type of solution, wigs are an essential part of their look. The most common reasons why people wear wigs include covering bald spots, hiding scars from cancer treatments or injuries, restoring natural hair loss due to illness or aging, and enhancing personal appearance. Wearing such a solution is the best thing you will do, but even though you solve the so-called disadvantage by wearing such a solution, you will have the problem of increased heat on the head that is a result of wearing the hairpiece itself. This problem is reported by all the people who have chosen this solution and they are actively looking for a way to deal with this situation.

Everyone would say that it is normal to feel the heat when wearing a wig, but even so, it is important to solve this problem. People are looking for solutions and we know that, so we decided to do a little research and bring you ways to deal with the heat you feel on your head when wearing a hairpiece. What do you need to do? Find out much more about it in the continuation of today’s article and find a solution to this phenomenon. You can find out much more on the subject if you do not follow to the end. Let’s get started!

1. Use a headband


A headband worn over a wig helps trap sweat close to the scalp, keeping it cool. Be sure not to wear any tight hats or bandanas; they will block airflow around your forehead. You could use just about anything else that’s comfortable, of course, including scarves, hair ties, ponytail holders, and even t-shirts. Just keep them loose enough that they don’t restrict the flow of air. In this way, you will try to help yourself easily and simply not feel excessive heat anymore, which can irritate you. Feel comfortable while wearing the replacement that is sure to fit you and your style perfectly.

2. Don’t cover your ears

A very large number of people make mistakes that they do unintentionally. What is that error? That’s when they cover their ears with the wig. In most cases, this is the reason for feeling the heat. If you cover your ears, you will not leave enough room for the scalp to breathe, and by doing so, you will make the condition worse, that is, you will start to feel hot and sweat. That is why it is necessary to leave enough space for the skin to breathe without covering the ears with the hairpiece that you are wearing.

3. Wear a thin textile hat made of material that does not generate heat


We’re sure you’ve seen how in movies actors get ready before putting the wig on their heads. They usually put a thin textile hat made of a material that does not create heat on the head. This is perhaps the best solution that someone can take about this phenomenon. So maybe it would be good for you to buy or make yourself a hat from one of the materials that do not generate heat, but on the contrary, keep your head cooler than if you were to wear only the hairpiece on it.

4. Apply a cream with a cooling effect

Another solution that is also practiced by many people who wear wigs is to apply a cream with a cooling effect. There are many dermatologically tested and approved skin creams that you can also apply to your scalp to keep your skin hydrated and allow it to breathe even when you’re wearing a wig. A large number of people have already decided to go with this solution which is effective and which helps. That’s why we recommend that you also try this solution, which seems to help you not feel the heat and keep your head cool while wearing a wig.

5. Get the right fit


Although many people think that the size of the bra does not matter, we confirm – yes, it is very important to get the right size. If the wig is too big, it will create too much heat on the head, but also on the neck itself because it will cover most of the skin, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate length of the hair on it. Too small, it won’t stay in place properly and that is again a problem, which means you have to choose the ideal one. Try pinning down the front while sitting upright, then bend forward from the waist while holding the wig in your hands. As you straighten out again, try pulling slightly at the center. A slight tug towards the center will tell you whether the wig fits best in the back or the front. Thus, you will be able to choose the most suitable one, which will keep you warm, but you will always have cooler skin on your head.

If you’ve been looking for a solution that is completely workable and will give you comfort while wearing a wig, then these 5 solutions are sure to give you that. All you have to do is try them out and see which one will best give you what you’re looking for, which is less heat on your head while wearing a wig.