Why You Should Switch to Natural Skincare Products ASAP

When you’re a modern woman, your daily beauty routine consists of tons of different products for the face, body, hair, nails, and whatnot. But were you aware that an average human uses at least 10 cosmetic products a day? Skin cream, lotion, powder, perfume, cologne, nail polish, deodorant, shower gel… and the list goes on. One can’t help to wonder whether this is truly a need, or was it imposed on us by different marketing strategies… Whatever the reason, the fact is that our skin is exposed to chemical ingredients from cosmetics every day, so it should not be surprising that consumers want to switch to natural skin care products.

An increasing number of consumers expect that they will find ecologically acceptable properties in the cosmetics they buy, which naturally care for our skin, which is, by the way, the largest of human organs. Read this article until the end, and find out why it is important to switch to natural skin care products and how this decision can affect our overall health.

The natural and organic properties represent the perfect harmony of our body and nature


There’s a saying that goes something like this “If you don’t want to eat or drink something, don’t apply it to your skin either”. It’s great to be health conscious and think about the food we put in our bodies, but a lot of people ignore the products we feed our skin with. Common cosmetics often contain substances that are regulated for safe use in cosmetics.

However, they are not in line with the concept of truly natural and organic cosmetics, whose composition mainly consists of minerals, and natural and organic plant extracts that help protects, hydrate, and care for the skin. In addition, the fact that organic cosmetics contain natural, organic, and biodegradable ingredients also helps to assure consumers of the authenticity, origin, and quality of the product.

Along with organic cosmetics, for the best results, include an organic diet and healthy foods in your everyday life. Such foods and ingredients, in combination with organic cosmetics, will give the best results – both in terms of the glow of your skin and the health of your body. For skin to look its best, a combination of natural products and a healthy diet is a must. Natural or organic cosmetics are not only beauty products but represent the perfect harmony of our bodies and the nature that surrounds us.

Do your best to read the labels of the products you use

The basic value of natural or organic cosmetics is that they must be in harmony with nature, including the impact of the packaging and packaging materials of cosmetic preparations.

Parabens, sulfates, and synthetic colors are just some of the chemicals that we can find in cosmetic preparations, and most of them are associated with the development of various chronic diseases or causing allergic reactions.

Parabens are preservatives that are mostly found in cosmetic products, from makeup to lotions. If the product you use contains water, it most likely also contains paraben because manufacturers use it to stop the growth of bacteria.

Sodium sulfate is a foaming agent and can cause allergic skin reactions, and approximately 90% of these chemical compounds are known carcinogens.

Chemical toxins are very destructive, while natural preparations are made from extracts of flowers and plants made to nourish our bodies.

That’s why it’s important to read the labels of the products you buy, even though sometimes the list can be dauntingly long. Natural or organic cosmetic products are a healthy alternative to the preparations that we apply to our skin in various forms every day, so we must not ignore them.

Using natural skin care products comes with tons of benefits


As the beauty industry booms alongside the health and wellness industry, more and more people are concerned about the products they use every day. As we mentioned in the introduction, the skin is the largest human organ that absorbs everything we apply to it like a sponge. Accordingly, all toxins and chemicals contained in cosmetic products that are not labeled as natural, end up in our bodies through the skin.

Hence the increased concern of consumers and the desire to switch to natural cosmetics, because it significantly reduces the number of chemicals that our body absorbs. Parabens, which we have already discussed, are known endocrine disruptors. Continuous use of products containing these chemicals can cause certain health problems later in life, including reproductive problems. On the other hand, natural preparations have an equally good effect as commercial products, and your body will accept them much more easily.

In addition, skincare products that contain chemicals are harmful to the environment, such as deodorants and perfumes that are released into the atmosphere, the very process of their production is also harmful.

You’ll be saving a significant amount of money

Although some chemical-based products may be cheaper, you’ll end up having to apply more layers to your skin because it will still be dry and irritated.

Organic and natural products are actually more cost-effective than commercial ones, because although they may be more expensive once, you will need a much smaller amount to achieve the desired effect, therefore the product will last longer. It’s great to know that something that benefits your overall health also saves you money.

If you have made the decision to switch to alternative natural cosmetic preparations, you will be doing something good for yourself and your body. Choose natural preparations that will not only help the natural care of your skin but will also improve the overall condition of your body and its natural functions.

When you start using natural cosmetics, your skin will start the detoxification process and you will notice its response to the new products you use – it will be brighter and healthier skin with less irritation and rashes.