Do Russian Lashes Damage Your Eyelashes? 8 Things to Know – 2024 Guide

Your eyelashes can look almost twofold in size if you add volume to them. False eyelash attachments have become more and more prevalent in recent years and for reasonable justification because you are allowed to have pretty attractive, complete eyelashes constantly with the least possible effort on your side.

Of course, everyone adores large and pleasing quality eyelashes. It is no wonder many of you undergo different methods and approaches for improving the size and mass of your eyelashes. Nevertheless, you can definitely get those large, gorgeous, and eye-catching lashes by utilizing a pair of Russian Eyelash Extensions.

Whether you consider yourself an earnest admirer of attractive eyelashes or there is any occasion advancing shortly, where you can show off swinging a complete pair of false eyelashes, Russian eye wings can be the best option for you. You can scroll down for a more detailed guide.

What Are Russian False Lashes?


A Russian lash is typically a false lash consisting of numerous, more delicate lashes that get put into each and every natural eyelash of yours. Applying these delivers the impression of precise, more luxuriant eyelashes, and you would not feel like they are being as hefty or sturdy as standard lashes.

Because of their delicate nature, a pair of Russian Lashes will stay up to double seeing standard eyelash attachments. They are also a widespread option for people in exceptional events or even day-to-day use.

What Do False Russian Lashes Get Made Of?

A Russian false lash gets created from a collection of diverse filtered smooth artificial fibers. You can assume that skilled proficients use non-natural Mink fur as the most familiar and prevalent type. And it forms the image of more bulky, feathery eyelashes.

Can a Russian False Lash Harm Your Natural Eyelashes?


Like many people, you must be thinking that Russian false eyelashes might harm your natural lashes. But the truth is that no one can exactly answer this query because it all relies on several diverse aspects, which comprise how expertly the products you are utilizing get applied.

In the long run, if Russian false eyelashes get applied perfectly with the help of experts, they must never damage your own eyelashes anyhow. Nevertheless, you should take care of some things like, picking a supplier and ensuring they have abundant knowledge of this kind of eyelash usage.

You can get advice and suggestions for keeping those eyelashes healthy throughout and behind the implementation procedure from a reputed provider. If you give good attention, you will definitely relish the complete advantages of Russian false eyelashes with being carefree concerning any adverse effect on your natural eyelash healthiness.

How Long Can the False Russian Eyelash Last?

Providing that the proper preliminary processing and maintenance are performed thoroughly, like all other eyelash attachments, Russian false eyelashes must retain the exact life period as your own eyelash period.

And it can go up for a month or more. In order to prevent your eyelashes from becoming spotty when they expand out, you should go for an infill following two-plus weeks. It might hold your eyelashes looking complete and invariant.

What Is the Price of Russian False Eyelashes?


False Russian eyelashes are generally more costly because they need special skills and much time to implement. Whether you go for a more realistic or slightly more captivating kind of look, the price also depends on it. Yet you can assume the cost of one set of Russian eyelash attachments can vary typically between $150 to $350.

What Is the Best Way to Put Russian Eyelashes?

You can take professional help to apply Russian false eyelashes. You are not suggested to DIY since the process of Russian eyelashes is a much more complicated and time-taking task. The exact requirements can vary, depending on the product.

Yet the process for applying is easy;

  • Firstly, you can put on a fast-paced glue.
  • You can set the eyelashes against a lash baton discharge or a pair of tweezers too.
  • Then you can begin by applying a small dose of pressure to the inside edge of the eye so as to cover it into your natural eyelashes.
  • Then you can put on fans around the eyelash stripe equally.
  • And at last, softly ball up the attachments to get the finest look.

How Much Time Does a Russian Eyelash Treatment Require?


Russian eyelash attachments may take up to 2 to 4 hours by professionals, determined by the size and the sum of the customer’s actual lashes. You can confirm from the eyelash specialist how much time it might take based on the type of pair you would want.

Advantages of Using Russian Eyelashes

As you now know, Russian false lash attachments are a growingly prevalent beauty makeover delivering wide-ranging comprehensive advantages if you decide to obtain them. Probably the utmost apparent advantage of these false attachments is that this makeover decreases the necessity for using mascara and additional beauty products.

It will not just save your morning time yet even support covering your existing eyelashes from harm induced by standard cosmetic procedures. Another considerable advantage of Russian false lashes is their enduring essence. They might last between 2 weeks to more than a month, based on your way of living and the way you maintain them.

Generally, there is no finer option than Russian false eyelash attachments when you look for an effortless and smooth method to improve the impression of your eyes with no synthetics or implements such as lash curling tools, eyelash raise, or some overflowing quantity of mascara.

Bottom Line


In the end, sizable eyelash attachments are what you are after, and Russian false eyelash wings could possibly be your perfect answer. When you like a better realistic impression, sizable extensions are never the appropriate choice for them. Remember, it is crucial that you do your study in the location where you stay and get in touch with an experienced professional false eyelash technician who might put them on you carefully.