Twist-Outs on Transitioning Hair – The Easy Way to Get Back to Your Roots

Returning to natural black hair isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, and generally either means chopping the whole lot off, or transitioning. Most people, myself included, chose the less drastic option of transitioning from treated to natural.

Going natural can be an incredibly liberating feeling, a demonstration of maximum self expression, and finding the true you. Our hair is such an integral part of who we are, where we fit in society, and going natural can feel like coming home.

But what’s the best way to achieve this and still look fabulous?

A twist-out works well when you’re growing out your hair, and can create tight spirals, looser curls, or even waves – the choice is yours.

  • First of all, wash and condition your hair as usual, using a good homemade conditioner – transitioning means getting rid of harsh chemical ingredients, so you should start now.
  • Then gently blot your hair dry with a clean tee shirt. Towels can cause tangling and frizz so are best avoided, and definitely no dryers.
  • With a small amount of olive, jojoba, or argan oil on your fingers, rub it through your hair to the roots, so that every strand is covered.
  • Using your fingers, very gently start to detangle your hair, working from tip to root
  • With the end of a comb, or, again, fingers, divide your hair into as many sections as you wish. Larger sections create loose waves, whereas smaller ones produce tighter curls.
  • To make a single strand twist, start twisting the hair from the root, always going in the same direction. If you need to add a bit more oil to keep the sections neat, do so.
  • If you wish, you can make a double strand twist by taking two adjacent strands, and twisting them around each other, creating a thicker twist-out
  • Or, if you want more defined curls, as you make the double strand twist, keep the twist as close to your head as possible as you move down towards the tips.
  • Adding a drop more oil will keep the ends together.
  • Wait until you hair is completely dry, before very gently unravelling the twists. However, they can be left in for several days, if you prefer, although if you choose to do this, mist them lightly every morning with water to prevent them from frizzing.
  • To unravel the twist-outs, rub a little oil onto your hands, and begin, very carefully untwisting a strand from the tip.
  • Once the section, or sections, are completely untwisted, divide them into two again, and retwist, going in the same direction.
  • Continue this process across your head.
  • Leave them in for a couple of hours, and then repeat the untwisting. If you wish, you can leave whole sections twisted, or only unravel half way. Be inventive and go with what looks, and feels good.

This is how I dealt with the transition as I reclaimed my natural hair, making life so much easier.  My hair gained excellent condition as it grew out and away from the harsh chemicals and heat treatment I had been using.

Watch this video for more great ideas on how to achieve awesome twist-outs: