Most Common Types Of Fetishes Among Women And Are They Healthy?

What do you think of when you hear the word “fetish”? We bet you correlate the term to some sexual acts that stimulate arousal such as role-play or even spanking. Well, you guessed that right. A fetish is a behavior or an action that arouses someone sexually. It is a term used by people to describe sexual acts with any non-sexual object.

Fetishes are pretty common among women, and keeping the common myths aside, we can say that fetishes are pretty healthy. In this article, we will explore the most common types of fetishes among women and shed light on the fact whether they are healthy or not.

If you also have a foot fetish, make sure to check out this website. However, remember that acting on any of your kinks or fetishes must involve enthusiastic content from both parties. Also, you should follow safe sex practices such as the use of condoms and birth control to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Impact Playing

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Impact playing includes spanking, paddling, flogging, and other types of striking. Spanking is a safe and easy way to enter the field of BDSM, and you can gradually explore more into it.  This type of fetish ranges in from a light slap on the ass to whipping a crop on it.

It is entirely healthy and safe; however, you need to respect the boundaries of your partner. Make sure to negotiate the limitation beforehand. Safety and pleasure are the two essential aspects of any sexual act.

Talk to your partner about the intensity they are comfortable with, and select any safe word such that as soon as they utter that word, you need to stop your actions immediately. Also, it would help if you learned which parts of your body are considered safe to play with.

It is recommended to stick to the fleshy areas such as thighs or the ass and avoid the parts where the organs are present, say, for example, your lower back. From the financial point of view and considering your safety, it is recommended to start first simply with your hand and then invest in bigger play toys.


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Growing up does not mean you need to stop playing “role play” games. Role-playing refers to acting out your fetishes with your partner. Experts say that it is quite healthy to enact your fantasies. Say, for example, you have a medical fantasy and get turned on by doctors, then you and your partner can act as doctors and indulge in your fantasy at the comforts of your bedroom.

Foot Fetish

Foot fetish refers to the desire to worship your partner’s feet by smelling, kissing, or massaging them. Experts say that it is a prevalent fetish. If your partner tells you that they have a foot fetish, do not back out thinking that it is unhygienic because, as per the doctors, it is completely healthy. Moreover, it will act as an opportunity to try out more fun things together and hype up your sex life.


One of the most common fetishes among women is wearing sexy lingerie. You can wear sexy stockings or one piece and seduce your partner. Various other fantasies like underwear fetish, bikini fetish etc. fall under the umbrella of lingerie fetish. You can wear a different lingerie each day to add an element of freshness abs excitement to your sex life.

Sensation Play

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Sensation play refers to sexual feelings arising due to sensations. For example, if you blindfold your partner and block their sight, it is a type of sensation play. Similarly, if you place an ice cube on their skin, it heightens the sensation of touch. You can also consider tickling your partner with a feather. Such activities will create sensations in your partner’s body and will eventually arouse them.

Orgasm Control

It includes elements of submission and dominance, and thus, it is considered a type of BDSM. The edging, which refers to the act where the “sub” partner is taken to the edge of climax but is then asked not to come, is a type of orgasm control. The concept behind this is that you can hand over your rein to your partner for a certain period, and it is on them to decide how and when they will allow you to come. It is completely safe as long you respect the physical boundaries of your partner.


In this type of fetish, one partner ties up the other one. It is a type of dominance and submission act, and thus, it falls under BDSM. You can use various items like your belt or handcuffs to tie up your partner and retrain them. However, it is essential to set boundaries, decide a safe word, and have your partner’s consent before you start. Also, take care not to cut off blood circulation in any part of your partner. It is completely safe and healthy when performed keeping in mind the boundaries.

Psychological Play

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Mind control is yet another fetish that women love. You can tell your partner to call you specific names like “Madam,” “Boss,” etc. It is a part of BDSM and involves humiliating your partner for an exchange of sexual powers. You can always give consensual threats during psychological play. Say, for example, you can ask your partner to lick your feet, and if they don’t, you can deny them any sexual activity.

Final Word

We hope that now you are aware of the different types of fetishes among women and whether they are healthy or not. However, remember that regardless of the kind of fetish you indulge in, your partner’s consent holds the utmost importance. Also, remember not to hit the body in a way that your partner’s organs get affected.

You should also ensure that proper blood circulation is maintained in your partner’s body while tying them up. Once you get consent, enacting your sexual fantasies via these fetishes is one of the healthiest things that will help to spice up your sexual life.