Luxurious Hair Salons in Atlanta, GA

Silky, smooth, radiant, shiny and strong. These are the few attributes of what perfect hair would look like. Hair is one of the greatest assets to human beauty. Beauty is subjective, yes, but amongst most people, if you asked them to shave their heads off, they would gladly deny you. This is because, for a lot of people, their hair is their best asset. 

Having healthy hair is not only for a person to look good, but they also help you from harmful UV radiation from the sun. Being said that hair is one of the most critical assets of a person, people go to extreme lengths to protect their hair. Models, Hollywood stars, pop artists, rappers, television stars, and many other celebrities have unique hairstyles that speak for themselves. 

They use their hair as an extension of their personality. Excellent hair requires excellent care. Where else can you get the best hair care if not for the luxury hair care salons that charge high but give your hair the care and nurturing it needs? If you live in Atlanta, there are various luxury hair care salons for you within your reach. Learn more about the neighbourhoods in Atlanta by visiting the website. 

If this is your first time trying to visit a luxury hair salon, it is only suitable for you to understand their services. If you’re paying a lot for something, it’s best to know everything about them. So before we go into detail about the luxury hair salons in your vicinity in Atlanta, we’ll talk about what luxury hair salons are. 

The title speaks for itself. Luxury is a privilege that is over and above average affordability. Luxuries consist of owning possessions and services that most people don’t have. The scarcity in the availability and affordability of these resources are what make them luxurious. Luxuries elevate usual standards of living and utility. 

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When we refer to luxury hair salons, we’re using your regular hair salons as a standard of comparison. Luxury hair salons are those hair salons that provide services that are over and above in terms of quality and service compared to regular hair salons. Your average salon charges $15 for a haircut and about $17 for a supercut. 

Anything significantly more than that is a premium hair cut available in premium salons. Although these are the standard rates for haircuts, the quality and process are much lower than what luxury hair salons offer. An entire package for hair in a regular and premium saloon would range around $70-$150, whereas a luxury hair salon would cost thousands of dollars. 

There are a few haircuts only that cost $1000; imagine the entire package. Luxury salons use products of extremely high quality for you. This ensures that you have absolutely no unwanted reactions to the use of salon products. 

Moreover, luxury salons are expensive because of their interiors and other facilities, which are free to use after buying an entire package. Now that you know what luxury salons have to offer let’s dive into the ones in Atlanta that you can visit for a luxurious experience! 

Luxury Hair Salons In Atlanta 

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  • Urban Evolution Salon 

This luxury salon is situated at 1042 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306. The urban evolution salon was established in 2013. They specialise in precision style cuts for men and women. They also provide highlights services that will give your hair more than one colour that you love. 

They also provide straightening services by using high-quality hair straighteners that are guaranteed even to straighten the curliest of your hairs. They are one of the best centres for event hair and makeup. You can get styled for a substantial cost in exchange for a night where you look your most stylish self. 

They provide various blow-drying services and colour correction services as well. Apart from just styling and colouring, they provide regenerative hair products and colour protection products for your hair. This will keep your favourite colour on your head even after a lot of showers. 

  • Steve Hightower Haircare Spa and Salon

A luxury salon that makes its statement about quality and excellence loud for those willing to visit a luxury salon, the Steve Hightower Hair salon provides a plethora of services for your hair and body as well, keeping in mind the quality standards needed to maintain. They have designed their salon in a very effective manner for relaxation and ambience. 

Their main aim is to change how you negatively perceive anything through their excellence in aesthetic design and atmosphere. The salon employees are amiable and take care of you the second you step in. They have three primary service categories, the first being hair care, the second – colour and styling and the last being a day spa. 

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You can avail a men’s haircut for $50 and an ambassador cut for $70. A first time consultation, cutting, styling and shampooing for women costs $75, and its ambassador cut costs 100 dollars. They have a day spa where you can avail a full body massage as well as microdermabrasion services. 

A complete facial costs 150 dollars, dermabrasion for the back $75. We don’t want to reveal all the surprises that this place has. We’d suggest you go and take a look at it yourself. 

  • Luxury Hair direct 

Just like their name states, Luxury hair direct is an excellent venue to pamper your hair to the maximum. They have a beautiful and aesthetic environment that will relax you well as soon as you enter. They pay utmost importance to consumer satisfaction, so their executives are sure to meet and greet you as you step in. 

You are very likely to get a consultation almost immediately. Even on busy days, you might not have to wait for more than a few minutes. They have many services that they offer in terms of hair care, styling, colouring and spa services. They also have quality steaming machines that help your face open up its pores so that all the quality products that they use will soak indirectly.